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*** African Crisis News for: 2022-03-28 ***
===> Video & Audio: The European Race as an Immortal Biological Animal:
===> Did Europeans create *ALL* the Civilisations that ever existed?:
===> South Africa eases COVID State of Emergency restrictions – 4 Things you still can’t do!:
===> The Best Putin Joke EVER! – From 2007:

*** History Reviewed News for: 2022-03-16 ***
===> ALL Whites think Wars are fought over right and wrong and that the world is run by LAWS:
===> Are Nuclear Bombs real? – A followup discussion…:
===> Are Nuclear Bombs real? What of Nuclear powered electricity & Nuclear Powered Sun?:
===> What happens to South Africa’s debt and that of emerging markets if Russia defaults?:

*** African Crisis News for: 2022-03-16 ***
===> IMPORTANT: Black on Black political fighting is coming: SA likely to enter stage of violent instability: study – My Comments:
===> What happens to South Africa’s debt and that of emerging markets if Russia defaults?:
===> S.Africa: Attempt at the local production of small-calibre weapons and ammunition stalled:

All Whites think like slaves. We think about LAWS. That's because Laws are for SLAVES. Jews and those with power know that POWER is everything. There is no right and wrong. There are only winners and losers. Observe nature. All of Earth and all of the Universe has only one law: POWER. WHITE POWER is long overdue. We need to get it.

I have been doing work on the real story of the Jews and the Blacks, and the Jews actually wanting an ALL OUT Racial war in South Africa in 1960s. But, those same Jews ran to Russia and other sources to get Military training and weapons for the Blacks.

Ok, the Russians made my day. They put sanctions on Biden. Now that's awesome.

@Alex_Linder I'm amazed the Russians are saying that. Alaska was sold as far as I know.

Most Whites think that wars are fought for moral reasons: Right vs Wrong. This is totally fallacious. ALL WARS, WITHOUT EXCEPTION ARE FOUGHT FOR POWER! POWER is the only game in town. Jews know it. Whites: We must seek WHITE POWER. It does not matter HOW. Ignore morality. The only morality is: WHITE SURVIVAL & WHITE EXPANSION. Nothing else matters.

@Alex_Linder The euphoria of waking up from a 3 day coma in ICU and being told by a beautiful White female doctor that I had arrived there as the result of an altercation with 4 men who had attempted to interfere with my display of a large swastika with the words "Nazi is just the N-word for White men" written above it.

It was as if I had been reborn and could, for the first time, look back at my previous life objectively and to my astonished delight, I was favorably impressed with what I saw.

Russian state TV demands America 'returns' Alaska and California's Fort Ross to Russia, threatens NUCLEAR strike on US in response to sanctions, and calls for public hangings in Ukraine

MEOW! Maryland set to follow New York's lead to become second state in US to ban DECLAWING cats - and passes bill which will see lawbreaking veterinarians facing fines of $5,000

but you can change a child's sex

Extreme White Frustration. The F*ck all song from South Africa! - Enjoy!

This is what one of the Blacks in South Africa said. The Race war map is a map of the Russian/Chinese sponsored "Liberation wars" we Whites fought against from 1960s. All those black countries were against us, and we survived for decades from our position on the southern tip of Africa.

As I've been saying all along, the Blacks in the ANC who rule South Africa have closer ties to Russia. The Blacks have just spat in the face of the Western world and sided with Russia even though it may cost them R1 trillion in trade. We hardly trade with Russia, but the Blacks have FIRM TIES TO THE OLD COMMUNIST ALLIANCE OF RUSSIA AND CHINA and you can see it RIGHT NOW. They instructed Scientists to not criticise Russia. Whites in SA are the only remaining LOYAL part of the WEST in Africa!!!

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