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wow. dont think ive ever seen buchanan say something so completely wrong.

"What Americans watched was a mob occupation and desecration of the temple of the American Republic. "

are you kidding? you're joking, right? unless you mean temple literally you are joking without realizing it. american have no respect for congress, nor is worthy of any.

congress is just a bunch of career-girl prostitutes. if muslims were runnig things, they'd be pro-islam. since jews are running things, they have to be carried out on a slab before they ever stopped backing our greatest ally Israel, as the guy from my state said. quoting from Ghost JFK's Profiles in Servility

How can it be that Christianity prescribes exactly what Jews wish their victims to resemble and not be designed for this purpose? There's your intelligent design right there.

Apparently Trump's mails to his supporters has been shutdown somehow I am reading.

Hollywood may do its part to make old movies safe to view without fear of the "insurrectionist" Orange Man, digitally removing President Donald Trump's cameo appearance from the 1992 Christmas movie Home Alone 2.

“Breaking news: Donald Trump to be digitally replaced in ‘Home Alone 2’ with actor Christopher Plummer,” producer and writer Dan Slott quipped Friday night on Twitter. Podcast host and author John Rain said Disney Plus had announced the Plummer-for-Trump swap.

If you hadn''t yet realized that the descendants of those who set up the Soviet Union is in charge of America today, you know it now. 😃

From Wikipedia about "Dan Slott":

Categories: 1967 births American comics writers Jewish American writers Jewish American artists Jewish artists Living people Marvel Comics writers

From Jan: IMPORTANT: BANNED: Donald Trump's stolen election fraud speech BLOCKED by MSM & Big-Tech - This speech by Trump was immediately banned and removed everywhere. It is about the election fraud. I'm going to give 3 different links for this video - I would appreciate feedback on which link works best for folks: - -

Hi everyone, I'll be trying to post more regularly here. Its been hectic with my legal shit here in South Africa with the fucking Jews. Its been stressful. Things are not easy, but my goal is to fight back to my utmost. I'll keep you informed as the year progresses. I'm due back in court on 16th March 2021. But I'm also planning my own legal moves... :-)

Do you know what Solshenitzyn regretted the most about how the Russians acted during and after the Judeo-Bolshevist takeover and subsequent terror against wrong-thinkers?

That they didn't rise up and physically fight back.

"We shall nourish an environment in which there is no negative term for blacks and no positive term for whites."

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notice the mentality is exactly the same. the parallel:

white south africans : muh god
whites american trump voters : muh trump

"well why didnt Superboy help out ya know there where ya ya know really could have used it?"

turns beet red, kicks dirt, gurns middle distance

i, for one, am shocked that an organization full of irish and fags is full of

money embezzlement


cum enguzzlement

a tree branch across the buttocks meets the spiritual needs of the people better than the catholic church

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