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WW2 is truly a diabolical event which shows our race, really at its worst ... where White men are falling over each other's feet in order to kill for the Jews.

White men need to get the hell out of this line of thinking and begin thinking about their families, their children, their offspring and the generations of the future. We have real interests that go beyond that of the shopping mall mentality of the Jews.

"We treat women too well, and in this way have spoiled everything. We have done every wrong by raising them to our level. Truly the Oriental nations have more mind and sense than we in declaring the wife to be the actual property of the husband. In fact nature has made woman our slave ... Woman is given to man that she may bear children ... consequently she is his property." - Napoleon Bonaparte

@Alice_F @smoloko Thanks very much Alice. I need to watch that documentary. I agree with everything you say. I think the real problem in our race has been too much tolerance. We are not even 1% as nasty as we should be. Jews are, unquestionably, from my own observations, the world's greatest spoilt brats. We allow them leeway in so many things where we should be booting them out RUTHLESSLY. We Whites are nowhere nearly as ruthless, firm & HARD as we should be. This is our real weakness.

In an equally bizarre episode earlier in May, BJP lawmaker Surendra Singh also urged people to drink cow urine. He stated that people should mix 50ml of cow urine with cold water and drink it daily to achieve “natural immunity” to the virus.

America is in a dire need of death camps.

I don't think there is all that much of a difference between America and Russia at this point if you look at infrastructure and how the bad places look like. More niggers and nicer cars in America, sure, but other than that?

City of Camden New Jersey Hoods, One of the dangerous area in New Jersey.

Absolutely nothing that the Jews do in our countries would be possible without Christians enabling them.
@MaceDindu @adamwright @DK_Dharmaraj @DeanBradleySFF @job384 @sickburnbro Christianity in all of its forms is nothing more than a back door for Jews to infiltrate and subvert white societies. Without Christianity they have no path inside.

jewish corruption, to be redundant, guarantees that bitcoin will succeed. satoshi jewed the jew! but in the most aryan way possible: the noble route of integrity, technically guaranteed.

it is truly a thing of surpassing beauty!

jews are a race of liars, operating as one, here reversing the truth --- not just as usual, but as ALWAYS -- about leo frank.

I liked the Lord of the Rings stories a lot. But in reality, it is the story of the "good allies" beating the evil Germans (Sauron). I'm sure I've read that analysis of the Lord of the Rings. Notice that the good people are multiracial allies.

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