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The Russians/Bolsheviks set out to turn all non-Whites on the planet against the European Empires. They were doing this in the 1920s. In 1928, Stalin, I think, gave the WHITE COMMUNISTS in South Africa orders to turn South Africa into a "Black Communist Republic". The White Communists did NOT like the idea and went to Russia to try to change that, but the Russians would have none of it. Communists in South Africa in the 1920s were all WHITE!

For the Record: The Whites under Apartheid, threw the Russians out of South Africa in the 1950s because the Russians were stirring up the Blacks against us.

*** History Reviewed News for: 2022-02-28 ***
===> Video & Audio: Canadians HATE the Mass Media: White Canadians at their FINEST!:
===> Day 1: Ukrainian claims of Russian losses – very interesting:
===> Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Death toll for Day 1 is NOT that high…:
===> Trump is NOT freaking out about Putin in the Ukraine – Trump praises Putin – My Comments:

*** African Crisis News for: 2022-02-28 ***
===> Photo: Black EFF Member tells Blacks on Social Media to KILL ALL THE WHITES … but nothing will happen to him! – HATE SPEECH!:
===> Pic: How South Africans really feel about the Black Communist ANC government that rules us…:
===> South Africa’s Biggest & most awesome Military Hospital is now “a white elephant”:

@historyreviewed Never heard of this Chikane here. But sanctimonious Tutu, his fugly monkey mug was on every night.

@historyreviewed I certainly hope that's the case, and I'm totally for the truckers, but I read day before yesterday that 64% of Canucks were for bringing in the army to end the protests.

It's not for nothing that they have a reputation as being among the very worst shitlibs on earth.

Jewish Lies from 1991: Iraqis have built gas chambers to kill all the Jews!

3 good white men's lives arent worth one criminal nigger. and the "right wing" party monosigns that most noddily. we live under this system. we pay for it. but we get only reverse-benefits from it. we need a revolution.

@historyreviewed FINALLY Tutu becomes as Good Nigger (or "kaffir", of you prefer). I well remember being forced to see & listen to that dusky "saint" every night on the jews - er, the NEWS - until De Klerk sold the White South Africans down the river.

Canadians HATE the Mass Media: White Canadians at their FINEST!

I think Joe Biden NEEDS A WAR. The Democrat numbers are falling through the floor. WAR ALWAYS pushes up a US President's ratings. Remember Afghanistan? This is Joe's comeback to pretend he is actually doing something. I think it's overblown and he and his Jews played a big role in creating this war.

*** History Reviewed News for: 2022-02-19 ***
===> Hitler said: Jews cause CONFUSION – This could be very good news:
===> My VERY OLD ARCHIVES: A surprising discovery: An actual provable prediction of 911 BEFORE IT HAPPENED:
===> Top EU man in Africa – assessing wars:
===> White Revolution is coming… a lesson…:
===> Video & Audio: Cartoon & Song: Thank the Whites:

Separation And Its Discontents

recording #15 thru link

end ch6. jew strategies for deceiving and manipulating goyim - ie 'opposing 'anti-semitism.''

*** African Crisis News for: 2022-02-19 ***
===> GREAT NEWS for AfricanCrisis Website supporters… a BIG SURPRISE is coming…:
===> Apartheid & the AWB: The Jewish Parasite’s ability to suppress the White Race’s NATURAL DEFENSE MECHANISM:

@historyreviewed @TheIronHeart

There's one nation that has the highest fertility in the developed world. Guess which one.

It's only when we get what Jews have, a sense of ourselves as a race fighting for Aryan blood and soul, that we'll start having kids again - Aryan kids to advance Aryan blood and soul in Aryan homelands.

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