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Trump spends too much time listening to the Jew Kushner. I believe Kushner advised him to not go on to Gab.

Video: When White Boys & White Girls have had enough of this shit... also: White Abortion -

89 Year Old Donald Tober, Who Popularized Sweet N' Low, Jumps To His Death From Park Ave. Apartment

55 Americans Have Died Following COVID Vaccination, Norway Deaths Rise To 29

If jews were an individual, which they are, they would have been convicted and put on death row thousands of years ago.

The bible is the original Q hoax.

oooh, muh great beasts rising out of lakes of fire.

ooh, johnny, you sound just like clint eastwood.

@Alex_Linder my favourite is where one woman claims mengele shrunk her sister's kidneys which caused that sister's death ...70 years later. All said with a straight face

An anonymous programmer funded the Trump fans that stormed the Capitol Building with Bitcoin. Crypto Briefing has now identified the donor.

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets across France against a proposed security bill that would restrict sharing images of police, in a country outraged by police brutality.

Protesters in Paris and several other cities marched on Saturday to denounce the controversial legislation that the government proposed last year to criminalize the publication of images of on-duty police officers.

Don't listen to anyone who denies this election was stolen. It was. Trump fans or voters are 100% justified in using ANY means to rectify the situation. As Hitler said, I'll follow the law so long as the state does. That's the voice of reason. The (((state))) does not play it straight, and has not for a long, long time.

Jesus, Voxies are getting so good at splaining why things aint what they obviously are they might as well be working for the controlled media.

@Alex_Linder I subscribe to the philosophy of Alfred Rosenberg in that the "authoritarian personality" the jews speak of is our racial personality, the expression of our racial soul. Ultimately jews have pathologized who we are, and wish to prohibit us being who we are in every way possible. There is no greater tool for destroying this racial personality than christianity. It is their universal model for all races to deny their racial souls into one mongrolized slave race who worships their god

The ADL is now trying to shut down Gab by getting the DOJ to "investigate" it. The ADL doesn't mention anything specific. Looks like a fishing expedition. Gab's response is below. @ADL @TheJusticeDept We have had regular contact with US federal law enforcement for years to ensure our platform is not used for unlawful purposes. Just because you’re (quite appropriately) not ccd on the emails doesn’t mean we aren’t doing the work to keep Americans safe.

A growing number of Gen Z-ers don't believe Helen Keller existed, or at least say she couldn't have accomplished what she did while being deaf and blind. Several TikTok videos have furthered the claim that Keller was a fraud. On January 5, screenwriter Daniel Kunka shared a viral Twitter thread that insists that Gen Z's mistrust of Keller's story is not a joke.

Domestication of dogs began 29,000 years ago when our hunter-gatherer ancestors fed leftover meat to wolves during the harsh winters of the last ice age, study suggests

White mom sparks furious controversy for having her sons kneel and pray to black women - as critics accuse her of using the BLM movement for social media 'clout'

Shortly thereafter apple said they will ban the parler app from appstore unless they implement 'moderation' (banning forbidden speech). I guess they realize trump may sign up there and twitter will have an exodus. Trump being on Twitter probably snagged Twitter a lot of money. People obsessed with trump on both sides wont have anything to do anymore on twitter without him

anyone on here:

- billionaire
- bank owner
- sexually non-abnormal

if so, DM me if you want to change the world

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