had some sympathy for nestor makhno until i saw this photo

absolutely HARAM

Hortler resliced
@judgedread @rasterman @ArdanianRight @TheMadPirate @andreas_sewell @hortler Rome was a civilization in decline by the time they discovered the proto-engine. It had to die in order for a more vigorous civilization to replace it, and then discover the steam engine in a timely fashion. There is no alternate reality where the dysfunctional romans could put all the hundreds of working parts of a steam engine into practical use, same as there is no alternate reality where China did. They were decrepit and decadent and arrogant, like our civilization is now. Attempting to cling to "science" and "industry" is to miss the central lesson of history, that the old must die off and be replaced by an entirely new meta. If you don't learn that lesson you will end up with a 1700 year long dark age as you try in vain to keep the old meta alive against the new meta.

who need a praetorian guard when you have pornhub and the nfl?

nobody even wants to kill our elites anymore

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Conservatives can't even conserve being head ass kisser. 🤣

Buttigieg 2020

just to spite EMJ

but also for accelerationism

GoP loses a governor's seat in louisiana, a major trump-supporting red state

good job you fuckheads, a bit of pro-white populism would have won it

pro-business shit with 80 year old white fucktards IS A FAILURE

all the old white dudes at VFW and AL make me sick and upset. they glorify all these dumb wars while their country has turned into liquid filth around them. if they were great warriors, why haven't they executed the marxists and jews running their government?

it's like some old guys from the politburo pinning medals on each other

@benisnotreal do you think khazar-worshiper Edwards will win in LA?

white men who serve as police for ZOG are worse than women who fuck niggers

The pervasive cover-ups and lies that follow dubious killings by police do more to spur wariness than a million “Officer Friendly” public-service announcements can counteract.

Citizens are wary of police cars in their rear-view mirrors because politicians and judges made average Americans legally inferior to anyone with a badge and a gun. Police almost always receive legal immunity when they unjustifiably shoot people — it is practically a perk of their job. The existence of video footage from dashboard cams and police cameras is helping to ravage the final remnants of police credibility in many areas.

In 2001, the Supreme Court ruled that police can justifiably arrest anyone believed to have “committed even a very minor criminal offense.” That case ofGail Atwater, [driving without kids in seat belt, terrorized by cop left her] children “terrified and hysterical.” A majority of Supreme Court justices recognized that “Atwater’s claim to live free of pointless indignity and confinement clearly outweighs anything the City can raise against it specific to her case” — but upheld the arrest anyhow.

well my disqus account is completely neutered. i can post but all posts are deleted within about 10 seconds.

America 2019

where the whites are over-credentialed, fat, and act like niggers


Hortler resliced

vox day on youtube:

" That's why no one has been able to successfully compete with them. They run at an absolutely massive loss that no one except a company with billions in profits or a mid-sized government could afford. "

that's what i thought. it doesnt get mentioned enough.

this is a bang-on benefit of Fed money printing - you can subsidize propaganda. long enough that you achieve complete brainwashing of the target population

we need a revolution

your kid is hyperactive, eats too much sugar, watches too much tv and phone?

let's put your kid on meth. ought to help.

i had a long talk with a friend who drove to the trump rally in LA yesterday. what he told me was pretty much clownworld

maybe instead of "epstein didn't kill himself" they should be saying "jews rape white children and encourage niggers and muslims to do it too"


republicans can't even do corruption properly

democrats have them running scared


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