" Weikart omits—as neochristian atheists also don’t want to see—that Darwin himself harboured exterminationist ideas about blacks (see pages 37-39 of Daybreak). For those who believe that Hitler was a Christian, this passage should alert them:


@Alex_Linder Great video on what pretty much everyone in Hitlers inner circle say about his religious stance. I'm sure you already know most of this: odysee.com/@Cultured-Thug:c/Wh

@isol8 @Alex_Linder At 23:33:
"If you were a Christian dictator in a country, and your goal was to enhance and promote Christianity, the last person you would put in charge of soldiers with guns would be a person like Heinrich Himmler." 👍

@isol8 @Alex_Linder the kiksuckers who claim hitler and reich were christian are some of the most pathetic liars. two things unite all christians kike worship and bald faced lying.

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