What's fishy is that the virus surprisingly appears just after an inverted yield curve in the bond market and when the US unemployment figures were at their lowest in recent history which is a usual point where economy's enter recession. Coincidence??! 馃

Also my friend has spoken with people recently arriving from China on planes only a few weeks ago in Melbourne to be told they never had to quarantine and were just allowed straight into the country. Either the government is extremely incompetent, or they want to destroy the economy regardless whether the virus is much worse than a common flu or not.

My friend knows a girl who went for a covid test in Melbourne Australia recently only to wait for ages then be turned away after announcing no more tests for the day. They took her details and said to come back another day. Later she received a positive test result in the mail without ever being tested!! WTF!?? 馃え

Article interpretation...if white people come up with a coronavirus vaccine and save thousands of lives then they will feel superior, we can't have that, let the people die.

The purpose of communist propaganda is to humiliate you into submission, case in point 'the bended knee'.

Just because i freed you doesn't mean i said you could stop shining my shoes...I wonder what Abe would think about his legacy of ending slavery but failing to send the emancipated negros to Liberia.

Apparently even when you free the blacks they still hate you. So tell me, what did all those white men die for in the civil war?!

France might as well change it's name to Chad, after the African country and the urban dictionary term of the same name.

Just seeing on tv a program "global goal: unite for the future" which features music artists with only brown people and philanthropists like bill gates highlighting how we need to lift the entire teaming mass of brown people in the world out of poverty and shame on "us" (code for white people the real minority on the planet - 8% total, 2% of breeding age) for not doing more. Literally the whole world are calling for our extermination in this new religion of masochistic equality...thanks jews.

Question: If you were black and died from a heart attack with fentanyl in your system after being arrested for using a fake $20 bill, what brand shop would you want looted in your memory?? 馃

WTI crude oil falls 321% to -$40 a barrell on the day of Hitler's birthday...it looks like someone's spirit is rising!

Death to communism...full unsensored whip crackin legend out front of Chinese Consulate in Australia.

Coronavirus...choose the most likely scenario

With so many people buying toilet paper, it makes you wonder where the term "asswipe" came from. "Hey asswipe, stop hogging all the TP"

Deagel predictions might finally come true...coronavirus/virus pandemic = population reduction, especially in western countries where multiculturalism and the free flow of people are most prevalent.


Watershed moment for white nationalism??
Revolution without violence, that would be a first. Good on him for trying. Anything that red pills white sheople is a good thing.


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