What is a “Shiksa”?
Not just the definition - non-jew woman.
But more so the term, what does it represent???

"For William Shatner and Fran Drescher (both jews), it is something to laugh about; and perhaps it is something to envy for the jew woman as there seems to be some contempt in Drescher’s laugh."

That inner joke that never gets old.
A “shiksa” is "a white woman, that is a gentile"

Rabbi Daniel Brenner tells us what “shiksas” are for.
"He even lets us in on a Talmudic story about the prize that awaits if males can resist the sexual temptations of a beautiful foreign prostitute.”"

"It also appears that “Shiksas” are used to extract DNA in order to improve the features of future generations. Compare a typical Jewish man in the 1870 painting, “Extract”, to the late actor, Kirk Douglas (Issur Danielovitch)."

"It’s no secret within the jew community that “shiksas are for practice”. Here, jew author Tamar Caspi confirms what “a tall, skinny blonde with perky boobs” are in the eyes of jew men. It is a major source of resentment for her and jew women."

"But a woman will definitely know that she is a "shiksa" in practice when she is getting slapped and choked to fulfill a carnal sexual fetish of a high status jewish man"


@RandolphScott The more you get to know jews the more it makes me sick about their fetishes and hatred of non jews. I still can't understand why society who supposedly doesn't tolerate hatred or inequality always aimed at whites doesn't lift a finger against jewish behaviour...oh that's right it's all a one way street of hate the goy run by jews.

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