@Marko That is why places like India report something like 100 deaths per million vs USA who has around 800 deaths per million as reported by Dr Peter McCullough a while ago, all because India has home treatments like these tablets.

So if it was really about saving lives instead of government control they would give effective treatments and allow those in risk groups to take a vaccine if they want but not be forced to.

Australia's The Centre for Digestive Disease (CDD) Medical Director Professor Thomas Borody protocol of Ivermectin, Zinc, & Doxycycline, was written about in August 2020. Australia didn't bother using it but India has with great success.
The more time goes on the clearer it gets that this was never about fighting a virus but about government total control.

@Marko Why would you listen to a nobel prize winner about treating covid and health, surely sociopathic politicians know best...

@Marko Low levels of zinc in the blood and higher deaths from covid seem to be related.

@istina @Marko
>Microbiota transplantation.
I'm aware of this work. I've seen only one guy make his own gut bacteria to cure his lactose intolerance and it worked, it was completely illegal but it worked.

@Sophistifunk @Marko
I know right. I remember Professor Thomas Borody at the start of the pandemic putting a proposal forward to the government to come up with an effective treatment. It made the newspapers I think around March 2020 but the government ignored him. Meanwhile he just researched effective treatments and made his own protocol by at least August 2020, but instead of Australia using it only India does...crazy.

@istina @Marko

"Professor Borody has used the same methodology with the COVID-19 Ivermectin Triple Therapy as he used when he developed the world’s first cure for peptic ulcers saving millions of lives around the globe. He says this combination of 3 approved “off the shelf” drugs could be the answer to Australia’s COVID-19 crisis."

he develops cures. not treatments or therapies, dude actually seeks to CURE diseases? holy shit a doctor who heals its like seeing a unicorn
@Oblivia @istina @Marko trs was countersignalling the poly-pharma approach to non-vaxx treatment, but most complex illness requires multiple meds when treated alopathically. the anti-coagulant, anti-immflamatory, zinc, zpac, quercetin, hcq, budesonide, etc.early treatment modalities have been consistently effective for well over a year.
weird that it was also adopted in Brazil, but did *not* work here, isn't it, whereas studies that suggest that it did elsewhere have been retracted. maybe India *also* did something else that actually works?
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