At least 6 more booster shots to come for every man, woman, and child in Australia. I guess we have to trust the science.

@istina it's literally a mild flu, im unvaccinated and healthy and it didnt even put me in the bed. whats more, i believe i had this before, when it first started early 2020, same throat tickle, no snot, dry cough. i cant imagine taking experimental vaccine for a little bit of discomfort or people forcing me to vaccinate now when ive got the antibodies. they can take their shots and stick them in their eyes, never. measles, mumps, rubella? sure. flu shot? f-off with that away from me

@su Good to hear. The biggest virus is fear. Dr David E. Martin has a good talk explaining the significant role of life insurance in the overall picture of vaccines and controlling the herd. In Victoria Australia where I live supposedly 90%+ have at least the first jab. Melbourne having gone from the most liveable city in the world to the most locked down has been a psyop of irrational fear and submission, unthought of just less than 2 years ago.

@istina i saw a thing from somewhere there that the authorities are seizing the houses of people who can't afford their "covid fines"

@su Would not surprise me. People are mostly not paying their fines at the moment and taking it to court. Because there are so many fines the system will be clogged for months if not years. A friend's girlfriend who runs a health related practice in Melbourne had some hired goons come in and issue her an $11,000 fine for not having a printed covid plan, even though she is complying with the qr codes and sign in along with having her first jab, which she had nerve problems with. Just madness.

@su I have just been clinging onto my job of late with the strict mandates. I should have been sacked 2 weeks ago but because I have mostly worked from home during the plandemic I am applying for flexible working arrangements. I'll see how long that lasts as the Premier with his soon to be new power of unlimited lockdowns will likely ban people from even going to a doctor or the supermarket. If you think that wouldn't happen just talk to the vaxxed who think it's all the unvaxxed people's fault.

@istina exactly, i caught it from a vaxxed person. they say oh well the vax trains the t cells for a milder case. well my immune system knocked it out and I wasnt even in the bed.
i dont know how i got so lucky but my boss laughs in bidens face. ive already heard stories of people here being taken off the kidney transplant list for being unvaccinated!

@istina that's crazy. ive also heard that you're a testing ground over there, to see what they can get away with

@su Absolute testing ground. The prime minister acts like he doesn't know what the states are doing while he has cabinet meetings with the states to discuss the national plan. He can overule it any time he likes because the federal government can override the states, but he can't mandate vaccines so he uses the states as a loophole to get around the laws. It feels like we are going back to a prison colony and the people for the most part are fairly compliant, almost like it is bred into them.

@istina i think it is bred into them, people are like that here, too. although i was just in town at various trick or treating things and i didnt see one mask, which was surprising.

@su @istina A friend and I didnt have the rubella shot, and both got rubella. It was meh though. My friend bought it back from bali, we had spots all on our faces and got pissed and stoned for a week. We are both men, so I guess if your female you dont want Rubella, but apart from look bad it was less than when I got chicken pox at 11.

@Jonesy @istina i did hear of kids getting measles as a kid, just talk of how it was similar to chicken pox. parents would want the kids to get exposed to the pox, i remember. better as a kid to have it than an adult, that sort of thing. i think they vaccinate for it, now

@Jonesy @su I think rubella is bad if a woman was pregnant. As for chicken pox I had that at age 21 just before my birthday. Much worse as an adult. I am so thankful though for the invention of calamine lotion which I used in a daily bath.

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