David Icke on what really caused the early "covid" deaths.

Similar reports of lethal doses of midazolam being used in the UK on the elderly in nursing homes was also reported by the funeral director John O'looney early on in the so called pandemic.

Just another day in Straya.

Sikhs vs Hindus, Fed Square Melbourne Australia

This poor kid is almost guaranteed to get autism. It's like watching a sick game of Russian roulette using needles but instead of 1 bullet, all 6 chambers are fully loaded.

Bill Gates says next pandemic "could" be man made

Technology is on a steep curve to AI dominance over all of mankind.

CDC to look into reports of adverse Vaxx reactions related to strokes

So the failed cancer mrna technology that was too dangerous for cancer patients has suddenly become a "success" in "covid" patients and is now being trialled again for cancer patients. It seems rebranding something as a vaccine automatically makes it "safe and effective". When will the madness end.

Government = Control of the Mind (Mind Control)
Govern = Control
Mente = Mind

Mind means the ability for rational thought. So to make people believe in the irrational like diversity is a strength, transgenderism is normal, poisonous vaccines are safe and effective, means to have total control of the mind.

It's all the same damn shitty playbook set to the tune of groundhog day.

Just ordered a coffee. Hope this is an omen of things to come this new year!

Well at least he put his mask back on...wouldn't want to catch the Rona.

"Andrew Tate is a piece of shit"...Big Bear has spoken.

Andrew Torba on the state of Talmudic politics. I agree with wanting to create a society free of jews, but centering a society around a Christian nation is literally the epitome of existing inside a Talmudic one as Christianity is a creation of the jews to condition the goyim to be weak subservient cattle.

Like the old saying goes, "If you lie down with dogs (((Christianity))), you get up with fleas (Jews)"...so be careful with the company you keep.

Even doctors don't believe in vaccines anymore. Not even polio or smallpox...that's progress.

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