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@AndrewZebrunIII VAERS is currently reporting deaths at around 16,310 from vaccines but is likely much more by a factor of 5 by some estimates. In the video below from Attorney Thomas Renz he shows Medicare data from approx 18.1% of Americans to be 48,465 deaths within 14 days of receiving the vaccine for covid. That doesn't even include deaths after that time or vaccine injuries and long term effects. What a total nightmare of a death shot.

@AndrewZebrunIII Sounds like something straight out of the communist manifesto. Interesting that health is number one, but does make sense, they own your body.

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@istina After exhaustive research I've learned the problem in the medical industrial complex.

@AndrewZebrunIII Note that the study only used 81mg (baby aspirin) per day, but there may be even greater benefit of much higher doses for those seriously ill although it has not been studied, I believe the concern may be bleeding. Years ago when I had walking pneumonia a doctor told me to take 2 x 300mg 4 times a days (2,400mg a day) for aprox 5 days along with an antibiotic. Nowadays doctors will say 300mg a day is too much. Something strange is going on in medicine.

@AndrewZebrunIII Wouldn't surprise me. Baby aspirin has been used for years to reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes, but generally will not reduce the number of fatal heart conditions i.e. overall longevity, and therefore has helped improve the overall quality of life for many people while being cheap and relatively safe. On the flip side we can't have people surviving covid because of aspirin used to prevent heart conditions. Crazy world.

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A study published a few days ago concluded that low-dose aspirin could cut COVID mortality rates by as much as 50 percent.

Many jokingly responded that the corporate media would now attack aspirin similar to how they previously attacked ivermectin.

Corporate media: "Hold my horse dewormer paste while I take down this aspirin stuff."


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The bugman shrieks in pure agony as the nice White family completely disconnects from popular culture.
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Burial costs covered for Canadians killed by approved vaccines.

Case fatality rate of Covid 19 was 0.1% to 0.3%, the same as the seasonal flu.

The house of cards is collapsing...I can hear the lawsuits already.

We knew it all along, but how it plays out from here will be interesting as some documents even with UK statistics of vaccines being no more effective than natural immunity are being released then removed from websites.

@Jonesy When they stormed the West gate bridge the other week they needed to hold their ground instead of just going home, but the construction workers are kind of leaderless at the moment because the biggest and strongest union in the country sold out. There will be a crunch point you can kinda feel it in the air. Day of the rope may not be that far off if they keep pushing.

@Jonesy Yeah many have said he needs to be held accountable. He says he's doing it for the health of people, meanwhile a friend who works in the funeral industry has never seen so many young people commit suicide. Absolutely criminal.

No jab no job
No job no income
No income no food

Australia truly is the test case for these vaccine mandates. 80% was a lie, it was always 100% death jab.

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