The longer I listen to these crypto geeks the more I understand they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about.

Buy a safe with a combo put your money in it.

The rally grift is on.

Dump starting up rallies again no doubt in combination with screaming emails asking for money. Troland has no shame.

Trump returns! Former president will hold his first three rallies since Jan 6 as he seeks to capitalize on crises engulfing Biden and lay down a marker for 2024

Later this month, Make America Great Again Action, a super PAC left by former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, will fundraiser at Trump’s golf club.

Is a new Conservative party in the offing ?

More than 100 Republican former officials to seek reforms, threaten new party

"Enough is enough, and the GOP has had enough time to decide whether it's going to separate itself from a man who is a chronic loser,"

The Brexit effect continues in the UK. Boris’ populist conservatism is attracting former White working class Labour voters. Nationalist parties were squeezed in this and performed badly.

Bad Night for the Far Right

Far-right candidates perform dismally across UK elections

The far-right group For Britain got fewer than 50 votes in 25 of the 47 council wards for which results were available on Friday afternoon.

In the Scottish parliamentary elections, the former deputy leader of Britain First, Jayda Fransen, lost her deposit after polling just 46 votes in Glasgow Southside.

Troland Dump said when banned by Twitter he’d create a multimedia platform (another grift) he put up a blog on his website for free.

Dump’s “Stop the Steal” grift has brought in $250 million from the MAGAtards.

Clearly Political

Right-wing think tank ordered to pay man hurt at rally $2.4M

“It is important that the judgment is satisfied not only to compensate Bill for his damages but also to disrupt and dismantle an organization that attempts to portray white supremacy as an intellectual endeavor,”

Run Pappas Run 👏🏻

Greece Still Can't Find Fugitive Golden Dawn Fascist Who Dodged Jail

Pappas escaped justice with the help of the Greek security services, radical elements in the Orthodox Church, and a convicted Serbian war criminal, Golden Dawn also having had ties to sympathizers among Greek police.

“We will of course look for him with any lead here in Greece,” said the official. “But I think that’s only if he comes back. He’s being hidden by his Serb friends.”

Is it me or are we seeing society imploding. It feels as if we’ve reached some sort of apex.

They once said Sir Oswald Mosley was the best prime minister Britain never had. His wife Lady Diana Mosley was a cut above the rest.

The hellhole which is India right now will be the earth if the Ayran race fails in its mission for survival.

Greek far-right lawmaker held, awaiting extradition ruling

A Greek far-right member of the European Parliament refused Wednesday to be extradited from Belgium to Greece to serve a 13-year prison sentence for being a high-ranking member of a “criminal organization”.

Lagos was taken into custody on Tuesday after the European Parliament voted to remove his immunity, paving the way for him to be sent to Athens on a European arrest warrant.

Making Sense of Race

Dr. Edward Dutton

Race is our age's great taboo. Public intellectuals insist that it does not exist-that it's a "social construct" and biological differences between races are trivial or "skin deep." But as with taboos in other times, our attitude towards race seems delusional and schizophrenic.

This week on the Modern Politics podcast: "Examining Hitler's Legacy," with Warren Balogh & Emily Youcis.

Watch at:

The three-hour broadcast is divided into three sections:

1. Hitler in the 21st Century
2. Taking the Red Pill on Hitler
3. Everybody's Hitler

Highly informative!


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