Good ADV. enterprising young man getting Dr. William Pierce broadcasts to the masses.

Elizabeth Holmes “I’m too pretty to go to jail”.

I hope the jury hears that comment

Did you Hear about the woman's MMA cage fight. A woman against a pink haired tranny. Shockingly enough he (it) won the fight. After the fight she gave him (it) a congratulatory hug.

New Book:

Conquering Berlin by Wilfrid Bade

Berlin: Capital of the Reich. In the heyday of the decadent Weimar Republic, the political heart of Germany is a Red fortress with streets overrun by communist gangs. While the brown-shirted SA-Men are ascendant in other parts of the country, only the bravest dare set foot in Berlin’s working-class neighborhoods.

WLP88: Heroism

Let’s talk about a real hero — our hero, Dr. William Luther Pierce, the founder of the National Alliance, born on this day in 1933 and still remembered by thousands of men and women he inspired.

Richard Spencer another narcissistic sociopath bites the dust.

How a Small Town Silenced a Neo-Nazi Hate Campaign

A Montana town reflects on its effort to drive former President Donald J. Trump’s extremist supporters back to the fringes.

Dump Wants Your Money. Again.

Troland Dump just can’t stop writing me.

“Friend, Did you see my email from a few days ago?” he asked on Tuesday. It was, I believe, the sixth message I’d gotten from him since Labor Day — a.k.a. Monday. All addressed to “Friend.” Now, if Dump was really your friend, don’t you think he’d call you by your … name?

Ex-Golden Dawn Lawmaker Who Broke Parole Walks Free

With his former colleagues in jail, former Golden Dawn lawmaker Michalis Arvanitis, arrested in July for violating parole during his five-year sentence for membership of a criminal organization, got no jail time.

He was released from custody despite breaking the parole rules and will have to report to his local police precinct once a month and has been banned from leaving the country, said Kathimerini.

If Dump runs in 2024 he should get the worst political spanking of his life, total humiliation.

Jason Miller states that Dump will run in 2024, he’s just letting people mull it over so he stays relevant in the news cycle and allow him to continue his email money grift.

The never ending grift.

Dump to announce 2024 run according to the man who owns no jacket Jim Jordan.

Elizabeth Holmes got knocked up on purpose a year before trial. She is so amoral she will use her kid to try and avoid a 20 year stretch.

Afghanistan proves that ZOG is nothing more than a paper tiger. We got to get busy redpilling those 43 million MAGAtards on the JQ.

Elizabeth Holmes is a narcissistic sociopath AND a race mixer. She allowed a pudgy disgusting paki to pound her pud for 10 years.

So, all in all, things are going pretty well, for prison. I’d obviously rather not be here, but I am doing as well as can be expected. The support that all of you have shown me so far has been amazing, and I am very grateful.

Christopher Cantwell
Inmate #00991-509
USP Marion
4500 Prison Rd.
P.O. Box 2000
Marion, IL 62959 USA

ZOG humiliation in Afghanistan should give all hope that it is not unbeatable. Stay the course spread the word.

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