Students celebrate Hitler’s birthday with cake and songs, California university says

A California university has condemned an on-campus party held April 20 to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday with cake and songs.

Will the Real Tucker Carlson Please Stand Up?

TUCKER CARLSON WAS FIRED from Fox News on April 24 on short notice. Since then, pro-White circles and the mainstream media alike have been a-buzz speculating on the reason or reasons that he was so unceremoniously let go. For the anti-Whites on both the Left and the Right, it is a given that Tucker is a hardcore racist, and that that was a key factor in his dismissal. Yet, among the pro-Whites, a debate rages on […]

Mental Health Problems in the United States borders on a tsunami.

Eugenics is the answer root out the weak

1950 California 95% White

2021 California 35% White

We are being replaced

Savitri Devi’s book Pilgrimage stated the Russian forces rounded up BDM girls and shipped them to the Ural Mountains for hard labor and occasionally raped for 10 years.

I had the pleasure of joining Jazzhands McFeels for Fash The Nation yesterday, as mentioned in my republish of Radical Agenda EP070.

When J. R. R. Tolkien died his daughter went through his papers. She came across a file inside the file was issue number 1 to the final issue of Candour the magazine of A.K. Chesterton the first chairman of the British National Front (NF). His daughter was sickened at the find.

For the last 40 years, every year, more White people have died each year than were born.

> Murder
> Low birthrate
> Iillegal immigration
> Race-mixing

Slowly our numbers are dwindling, both in the US & abroad. If this keeps up, eventually we will be extinct. That isn't a "conspiracy theory" - it's simple arthmetic!

Americanism ultimately wants to transform all people into dull mass consumers without higher interests and without any attachment to people, race, culture and tradition; it is thus also one of several manifestations of internationalism, which culminates in the idea of the "one world", which can only be achieved through world domination.

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