18-Year-Old Influencer is Spain’s New Face of the Far-Right After Viral March in Madrid.

The daughter of a former PP leader, Isabel Peralta took to the stand at an event held in Madrid in front of around 300 nationalists and far-right supporters.

Peralta’s 10 minute speech went viral on social media shortly after the event thanks to her heavily anti-Semitic and racial remarks.


A online pro White School Curriculum is causing the anti whites in the UK to have histrionics.


Golden Dawn Fugitive Christos Pappas is Not Hiding in Serbia, says Greek Police

Various media outlets have recently published claims that Pappas, who has been on the run for four months, is hiding in Serbia.


Reasons why the Federal government wanted to stop Christopher Cantwell from podcasting and destroy his business.



“Christopher Cantwell case is unusual, the Federal Government does not want to rehabilitate him, but to STOP him podcasting.”


Chris Cantwell sentenced to 3 years 5 months in federal extortion case

A federal judge on Wednesday sentenced Keene white nationalist Christopher Cantwell to three years and five months in prison for threatening and attempting to extort information from another figure in the online hate movement in 2019.

He will only do 15 months - easy !


Heart tastes muh fantastic with veggies

Triple murder suspect Lawrence Paul Anderson wept Tuesday at his first court appearance in a case that includes evidence of cannibalism.

OSBI agents reported Anderson confessed and said he killed the neighbor first and then cut out her heart.

He said he took the heart back to the Pye home to cook with potatoes "to feed to his family to release the demons,"


Jewish Community Calls on Hate Crimes Prosecutor After Spanish Neo-Nazis March Through Madrid

One speaker, identified as a neo-Nazi named Isabel Peralta, declared that in a speech: “The enemy will always be the same, even if it wears different masks: the Jew!”

She continued, “The Jew is the culprit that the Blue Division fought against.”


The so called Free Speech Platform BitChute has banned comrade James Mason Videos. The channel was hosting historical videos of Commander Rockwell and Masons own Christian Identity interpretation of the Bible.

World Jewry Apocalyptic About Truth Telling Speech in Spain.

The Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain (FCJE) called on the country’s hate-crimes public prosecutor to investigate anti-Semitic hate speech


Houston Stewart Chamberlain’s 1923 Letter to Adolf Hitler

Houston Stewart Chamberlain was a British racial theorist and philosopher, the son-in-law of Richard Wagner, a prolific writer and also a significant contributor to Adolf Hitler’s thinking about race and in general, to National-Socialist racial ideas and ultimately, policy.


Until you realize “it’s the jews stupid”...

No forward momentum can be achieved.

Political prisoner Christopher Cantwell, whose likeness and out of context statements from four years were presented during the impeachment trial as a means by which to defame the President, joins me to comment on the events of the weekend.



The tribe involved in the diamond industry surely not !


Steve Bannon: “We have totally taken over the Republican Party, it is now a populist nationalist party fighting against the globalist elites.”

Kosher Delusion

* The Billion Dollar Industry of Ripping off the Goyim.

Four generations of Americans have now lived with kosher certified food, soap, detergents, food wrap, appliances and more, regardless of their religious faith or whether they even knew that this religious certification enterprise existed.


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