My spirit will rise from the grave and the World will see that I was right

We’ve always known it !

BBC investigating journalist who wrote ‘Hitler was right’

Palestinian affairs specialist Tala Halawa wrote a series of tweets in 2014 including that 'Israel is more Nazi than Hitler'

Next to Adolf Hitler, Julius Streicher is the National Socialist whom our (((racial enemies))) hate the most, and upon whom they shower the most abuse.

Study his life and find out why!

A member of the NSWPP selling the White Power newspaper in 1977

January 30 - On this day in 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany. The work of building a New Order for Aryan Mankind commenced immediately.

January 22 is the 86th anniversary of the birth of Matt Koehl, National Socialist author, thinker and activist.

It was Koehl who took over the reins of the National Socialist White People's Party following the assassination of George Lincoln Rockwell in 1967, and who was responsible for the survival of the Movement at that crucial time.

In 1983 he founded the NEW ORDER, as the successor organization to the NSWPP.

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