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I wonder if Dump read this before he let his MAGAtards loose on the Capitol. 😂

Won’t be long. 20 years for inciting sedition.

Donald J Dump.

As long ago as 1959, George Lincoln Rockwell warned about the reality of White Genocide.

Whites then did not heed his words. Now the enormity of racial extinction is staring us in the face.

Will you continue to ignore him, White Man?

(Trump followers, Alt-lite, AmNats, Western Chauvinists please note!)

Space exploration is definitely on the agenda in a National Socialist future!

We live in a sick society - but sickness is not a permanent condition. Either the patient recovers or he dies.

Those who claim that Adolf Hitler was merely a German nationalist who gave no thought to the White race should take special note of this passage from "Mein Kampf" (Volume I, Chapter 11).

In the past as today, National Socialism is the only way forward for an embattled & besieged Aryan humanity.

The dignity of labor is a core National Socialist value.

"Honest labor" is any endeavor, physical or mental, which benefits the racial community in some manner.

Drug dealing, pushing pornography & usury are examples of endeavors which HARM the racial community. They are dishonorable & are not alllowed under National Socialism.

Simple question: Does America produce enough wealth each year to provide shelter for everyone?

If the answer is "yes," than there is no rational reason to have even one homeless person on these shores.

Homeless is a an artifact of capitalism. The disappearance of capitalism will mean the disappearance of homelessness.

Once the White Man is ready to fight, no enemy in the world will be able to stand against him.

But right now, he is NOT ready to fight for the interests of his kin & his race. Encouraging the fighting spirit of the White Man and pointing it in the right direction is the primary task of our Movement.

Eugenics means encouraging the birth of the best of our race, (positive eugenics) while preventing the reproduction those who have hereditary defects (negative eugenics).

It is the upward path for our folk!

Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf Volume 1 Complete Ford Translation Audiobook (Volume 1 of 2)

This is volume one of two volumes of Hitler's book Mein Kampf (Ford Translation). The Ford Translation is (according to most people) the best and most accurate translation from the German version of Mein Kampf. Many people ask me which is the best edition and I usually refer them to the Ford Edition.

Know your NS vocabulary:

racial poisoning, racial contamination, racial pollution = race-mixing

racial hygiene = racial purity, racial health

The Swastika (or Aryan Cross) is the immortal symbol of Aryan humanity and of the National Socialist movement.

No wonder the anti-Whites hate & fear it so much!

There will be no racial resurrection or national salvation for American Whites until they are willing to collectively admit that ROCKWELL WAS RIGHT!

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