White Power, White Violence

A manifesto is not something to be ignored; it’s a playbook for the next attack.


Elon Muskrat apparently doesn’t have the funding to take over Twitter. It’s a bluff to drive the stock price down or force Twitter to sell to him at a very reduced rate.


Mein Kampf the book that gives continuous sustainable enlightenment

Jacksonville Mothers Day Niggers fighting with each other in street brawls.

Mom would be so proud 🥹

Russia meeting their match in the Dombas. 60,000 Russian casualties.

Ukraine becoming a scrap metal paradise of blown up Russian tanks artillery pieces and troop vehicles


Dump to be reinstated on Twatter

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has said he agrees with Elon Musk's decision to reverse a ban on Donald Trump on the platform - despite Dorsey being CEO when the decision was made.

Dorsey is a miscreant.


Alex Linder did it it’s free to put on your website @russ

On the 20th of April a group of 20+ people visited The Hof Downtown for dinner. The group was made up of well dressed adults with a mixed range of ages of females and males.

88 Heil Hitler !

All non whites should be encouraged to have abortions. A program of racial hygiene should be introduced for Whites.

Can you upload The Mein Kampf Thomas Dalton translation done by Alex Linder @russ

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