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Benito Mussolini, the revolutionary socialist inventor of fascism who came to power 100 years ago this week, was one of the most talked about figures of his day. Most of that talk was positive.

Latins HATE Nigs

Racist remarks in leaked audio of L.A. council members spark outrage, disgust

Parece changuito - ito mean little. So “it looks like a little monkey”…

Yes a niglet !

In honor of the 89th anniversary of William Luther Pierce’s birth on 11 September 1933.

Doing Nothing With Everything vs. Doing Everything With Nothing

MAGA Notes:

The first thing Troland Dump did when elected 45th President of the United States was give rich people a $1 Trillion tax cut.

….while the far-right Vox party described it as a “despicable and wretched attack” on Spain’s recent history.

Exhumation of José Antonio Primo de Rivera from the Valley of the Fallen

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