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Chris is back !

The rumors are true. I’m back.

I have a few small obstacles remaining, but I have already done much of the work for “Radical Agenda S06E000 – Reintroduction”.

Stay tuned…

When Crypto Bros Hit Miami: "It Was Like Revenge Of The Nerds" Booking Tables For $50,000

In the grand scheme of the post-FTX collapse, millions of depositors in the exchange will suffer terminal losses and countless other investors will see much if not all of their crypto gains wiped out. But we doubt anyone will shed a tear for the Miami nightclubs which made an absolute killing for much of 2022 only to see their crypto spoils evaporate as the bitcoin bubble burst.

Just walk around AmeriKwa and see what an abject mess the population is in.

Eugenics Now !

Italian PM Georgia Meloni Goes on Epic Rant Agsinst Macron and France

I was financially raped by Jewish businessmen

Kim has Zionist handlers all around her

Appalling how Piers Morgan was glad handling that coon

An Indian PM of the United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Colonization complete.

Is European politics beginning another lurch to the right?

In September, Italy elected populist firebrand Giorgia Meloni, who on Friday became the country's first far-right leader since the war-time fascist Mussolini.

Days before the nationalist, right-wing Sweden Democrats made an electoral breakthrough, gaining 20.5% of the vote in an election dominated by concerns over gang violence and immigration.

Georgia Meloni Sworn in Now Italy 🇮🇹 New Primeminister !

Jew Lex Friedman interviewing Kanye “Ye” West. Note Lex Face saying WTF have I done here.

In the nigger music industry it’s been a known fact for years that jew producers have been ripping off the stupid nogs. Kanye is the first nigger to come out and say it.

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