All of the things White people know to be so horribly wrong are the product of foreign invaders. It is their values and customs being forced upon us. These are not things that can be remedied by policies, or education, it is simply foreign people being who they are and doing what they do. The only remedy is removing the foreigners so that we can return to being who we are and doing what we do.

Abraham Lincoln's election is what truly kicked off the succession of the Southern states. Literally no one below the Mason Dixon line voted for him. He wasnt even on their ballots.

Jerry Reb resliced

I recently had a discussion with a retired US military soldier, and I explained the reason why we could not have an armed revolution in America is because our military has the capacity to destroy us so quickly. He contended that the US military would not take up arms against US citizens. By the looks of the scene at the capitol we can see he was terribly wrong. If these soldiers had one decent hair on their ass, they would take the capitol themselves. We shouldn't have to.

Jerry Reb resliced
Jerry Reb resliced

Meghan McCain on the View-
"i'm not against sending these people to gitmo"

It's pretty lame how I find that all my modern heroes are authors. They didnt valiantly defeat monsters in battle, or accomplish tremendous feats, they simply spoke the truth when no one else would. Hitler tried to do both, and he is my most respected if not favorite author.

@Alex_Linder Actually we never said "podcast". We called it internet radio.

@Alex_Linder I've been listening to your Goyfire podcasts again after many years gone by. Man those were these days. These youngsters have no idea what free speech really sounds like. Those podcasts are gold.

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"Germany is set to put dissidents who repeatedly fail to properly follow the rules in what is being described as a ‘detention camp’ located in Dresden."

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Jerry Reb resliced

From Reuters..

this is your future goyim.. eat the worms, it's all you deserve.

From now on when I speak with christians, I ask them one thing, "Why did you do it"? "Why did you breed a horde of demons to unleash on Earth"? That question alone ought to make them realize the true nature of their religion. Look at what it has produced.

The true American dream was that a man could claim land, and pursue his destiny free from any oppressive governance. Later that dream was transformed into a stable job with a company and raising up the wife and kids in a nice neighborhood. Now the dream is being a bachelor working in the tech sector living in a posh apartment gathering as many high tech toys as possible. Civilization itself is the problem.

I just had a dream that I was in a city and race war had broken out. The niggers were uniting and forming large gangs rapidly taking over the city. At first I was in the back of a pickup, and I was being attacked by groids on all fronts, fortunately they didn't have guns. My friends in the cab of the pickup acted like scared little girls, and would not help me or drive fast enough to get away. Our only saving grace was hiding in the homes of Whites who had not fled the city. Then I woke up.

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