***BREAKING NEWS**** Evil Honky Devils have outsmarted the monkey dum dums for the 1,000,000th time.

Jereme resliced

Blair Cottrell “when are we multicultural enough?"

Jew “It doesn't end, believe it or not, for you, history ends, history ends & doesn’t change”

It sickens me to watch all these White men trying cope this morning. Who gives a fuck? Trump wasnt doing shit for us anyways. If these commie cocksuckers want to come for us, let them. Be a man and be ready to give them hell.

I've wondered how an honest conversation between a mudshark mother and it's nigger child would go. How the mudshark would have to explain how stupid she was, and why the father is nowhere to be found, and their lives are absolute shit. The nigger child's ultimate conclusion would have to be that it's existence in itself was a terrible mistake. I'm gonna bet this conversation never takes place, and they live their entire lives hiding from this obvious truth of themselves.

It always blows my mind to see christians quote from the old testament which is literally the jewish torah, things like "your enemies will fall to your sword" not realizing that this is literally the jews speaking about them. Seriously, are these people truly that stupid to not know the actual history of this religion they wholeheartedly subscribe to, or have they committed complete and total philosophical suicide to the extent that they are no longer capable of thinking.

The war on us today started with Timothy McVeigh. What did he achieve? Nothing. Matt Hale is sitting in prison for 40 years because some kid went around shooting nobodies. David Lane died in prison because they were angry at a kike talking shit on the radio. Look at our media today, it is nothing but Kikes lying to us. I dont know about you, but I dont want to die or rot in prison for nothing, or hinder the success of a proper plan.

A woman finds out she may be susceptible to breast cancer, she cuts her tits off, sets up a facebook page for her "cancer battle", and makes sure she tells everyone she sees everywhere she goes.

A man finds out he may be susceptible to testicular cancer, he doesnt give a fuck.

Two historic events haunt me constantly. 1. What the jews did to the Russian people under Communist rule. 2. What the allied bombers did to Germany during WWII in conjunction with what the Russian foot soldiers did to the German population. Sure our people have suffered many other horrific events throughout history, but those are the two that have formed the world I live in today, and have the most profound effect on my psyche. I cannot forget or forgive.

In order for me to get a contract with a local hospital, it required me to get 5 statements from previous businesses I had served All five gladly provided positive statements for me in under 24 hours. That is an awesome feeling. There are still good people in the world. Of course they were all White men.

First they took Manhattan, then they took Berlin.

Modern life is so crazy. You may have a great family, great job, nice home, yet in the back of our minds we know we always got that jew dick way up our ass, and Tyrone may be storming in any minute to murder us and rape our wives and children. This is not ok

@Alex_Linder Agreed, to be honest I never read the "White Man's Bible". "N.E.R". was a good read, but very much has the "we wuz kangz"narrative. My biggest problem is what one of his adherents had done, and I believe that is what got him locked up. He was recently transferred to Marion, Il so I hope to visit him soon.

It causes me great shame that I need to betray the literature I know to be most correct so that I may function as a worker in this world.

Here is the list of ((democrats))) who attacked Bill Barr today.(3 hours in)

Jerry Nadler - Jew
Sheila Jackson Lee - Nigger
Steven Cohen - Jew
Hank Johnson - Nigger
Ted Deutch - Jew
Karen Bass -Nigger
Cedric Richmond- Nigger
Jamie Raskin - Jew
Hakeem Jeffries- Nigger
Eric Swalwell - Traitor White Man

Varg Vikernes (Thulêan Perspective)
Enough Christians will protect "them" no matter how exposed they are & what they have done & what they plan for us - because the Christians are loyal to "The Holy Land" & NOT to their blood.

As long as Europe is Christian "they" & "their work" will NEVER stop.

Remember that! @Alex_Linder