was there ever a christian who didn't live in the end times?

>find your common baboonity with those who want to eat you
t. priest-ape @ biden's big day

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Heroic race traitor who received minor bruises during the protest at the Capitol proclaims his self-hatred for upvotes on social media.

campaign trump: "you have to go back"
lame duck trump: "it's time to go home"


another 737 crashes in indonesia
are we going to stop pretending that it's the plane's fault this time?

>There will be no leader. We all must become hitler.
- Anon

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He called them.
They came from all over the country. Thousands of miles.
Hundreds of dollars each.

They were peaceful.
The mayor sicked the police on them.
They got murdered.
He called the National Guard on them.
He told them to go home.

A fitting end to the MIGAnigger legacy.
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opie resliced

@runfox OOO - "The Beast"...LOL. I no longer "worship" anything at all. But I do revere the memories of my beloved parents & other ancestors: I know they actually existed, and that I'm grateful for their struggles that made my life possible - and that they never made any outrageous demands that I sacrifice all to serve them, or suffer eternal torture.


- livestream of Jupiter high-fiving Saturn
- chat is a bunch of rice-and-bean eaters raving about jesus

calling trump a pussy for not fighting harder is like calling jews traitors for subverting america.

Trump is just an act. If this wasn't clear after he commuted Rubashkin's sentence in 2017 then it should be clear after he invited him to last week's white house hannukah party

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