There are now more curry indians than mouthwash indians in Canada.

Kosher sandwich in 2020:

Right half: Tucker Carlson - GOP is only political recourse for "normal" people. We must demand action from GOP. Only they can save us.

Left half: Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, other CNN hacks - Literally kill all white men.

British Columbia (pop: 5M) reports 177 fatal cases of Covid to date, compared to 1339 in Washington state (pop: 7.5M).

Do you really think these numbers are accurate? Does BC really have 5 times fewer deaths than WA when both areas have roughly the same demographics? ofc not. There isn't even a public mask order in BC.

Every state in America is juicing the numbers which is why American Covid numbers are so high compared to every other country in the world.

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lol, who is organizing this stunt?
if you type nigger on facebook you get banned before you can even press the submit button

Remember the chapter in TIJ about how all of the playhouses across the nation got this season's playbill from the central jew writing house? Now it seems like the same thing is happening with Corporate America and its advertisements. The spring season was about corona; summer will be about niggers.


>The type of rope found is used to help install HVAC systems, Barsky said, adding that police have seized the rope as evidence.

"This guy is the product of the Jewish evolutionary strategy of thousands of years of breeding to create a person with absolutely no moral compunctions about looking directly in your face and lying to you and stealing from you."

- Mike Enoch

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Happy Juneteenth! Today we remember the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for treason to the United States on June 19, 1953.

They were Jewish-American spies and communists who collaborated with the Soviet Union to pass along nuclear secrets.

Bonnie Berkowitz directing YOU to the nearest white idol so you can smash it.

Ever since Trayvon, the JSM has transitioned from ostensibly "objective" reporting where they would report neutrally on nigger deaths and ignore nigger-murdered whites, to outright 24/7 editorializing. Go watch Don Lemon or Chris Cuomo on CNN. It's basically an anti-white pep rally.

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