Those who die on the new year holiday are considered "tzadik," a title given to the righteous and saintly.
"God has held back until the last moment bc they were needed most & were the most righteous," National Public Radio journalist Nina Totenberg, a close friend of Ginsburg, wrote on Twitter.

conjuagations in romance languages are a grammatical shit test

the real reason that tiktok got banned is because it's a communications medium that jews don't own

and that's a threat to national security

thousands of these little zebra lookin moths landed on pretty much every surface around

the smoke must have drove them out of the forests in the interior so now they're hanging out here

Immigrant rights cat lady suffers fatal collision with Seattle cop who had stroke while in patrol vehicle. Finally, law enforcement does something to stop invasion.

99% of the time, when someone says "scientific," what he actually means is "empirical."

This is the asteroid man. It's HIS views (that are a bit more specific than "there was some chaos in the past") that are accepted.

"Evidence is mounting now that,[6] while still reviling Velikovsky officially, the same establishment is slowly incorporating his views into the scientific paradigm:
it is now accepted orthodoxy that the dinosaurs were wiped out by some cosmic collision, but again, zillions of years ago."


LOL. A planetary realignment in the 8th century BC for which there is no physical evidence is not the same thing as a giant rock slamming into ancient mexico that you can see with your eyes, today

Kyle went from being an "AR-15 retard" to "our boy" in only a matter of days. Impressive!


Antioch is a village in Antioch Township, Lake County, Illinois, United States. The population was 14,430 at the 2010 census.
The racial makeup of the village was 88.79% White ...

opie resliced

@wishgranter14 The only reason they're not crushed like the roaches they are is that they're being protected by the (((government))) they're trying to "overthrow". All they really want to do is have more control of it to have another jew Bolshevik genocide of Whites.

Eric Striker: The republican-democratic political complex will heretofore be referred to as the Epstein Party.

opie resliced

Netflix TAKE (spicy) 

"fuck this gay earth"
"we're living in the end times"
lottery ticket retirement plan

all stem from the mentality that gives up entirely when a perfect run is no longer possible instead of playing it out to an acceptable result

damn, it's actually gone.
i wonder if pleasureman's head finally exploded

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