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Read carefully. This is what the fake pandemic wargames for. Imagine all the gayness modern infectious disease policy portends as the jews whip more and more people into a hypochondrial furor.

You heard right. They murdered five MILLION chickens because they MIGHT have died from Bird Flu.

They keep pushing this Birb Flu angle. I purposely invite the local wildlife into my land. I have found one dead bird since they started discussing this back in the woods in early spring. None of my flock has gotten sick, I watch dozens of species of bird running the gamut of sizes, herbivores, scavengers, and birbs of prey, on my property every day, perfectly healthy. Does anyone else see evidence of the bird flu epidemic if you don't live in an animal torture mill?

Who wants to bet this is another cooked up scheme to crush the peasants and pocket funny money under the guise of a fake illness?

Whether there's some conspiracy at work or not, the morons running your world treat life this callously on a daily basis.

You pussy conservacucks call us wrong and violent and hateful, but anyone who allows people to stay in power who can so cavalierly destroy the most sacred gift of all for power, control, money, and worldly pleasures deserve every ounce of hate I would have you turn against us.

The enemy wants us destroyed on so many levels. They will not hesitate to. This is the precursor to "we set fire to the town because a rare strain of COVID was discovered." Morons will believe it's worth murdering a life that has a chance to stop the spread of something regardless of how imaginary it is.

When the day comes that the doors of the clown car open wide and the clowns pour forth, all I ask is that you're prepared.

All I ask is that you stop and think to yourself, "You know what, the Poastmaster was right. I NEED to destroy these pieces of shit. To save my family. To save the world the endless rainbow dildos it would have in store for my progeny. It's okay to hate the abhorrent."

That day will come, it's not an if, it's a when. On that day, the hate will make you stronger.


you weren't just the lucky sperm, but also the lucky egg

just so you feel extra special today

june was better when it was bike month

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Women are literally desigigned to cum in yet some people dont want to cum in them what does that say about society.
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You know school is a joke when women do much better than men on average.

increasingly seeing "the great x" as the template of choice to describe some fundamental shift in y field

the only way to earn the respect of the jew is to kill him

it's more natural just to use "God" instead of "Creation" or "the Creator," even though certain WN authors seem to insist on the latter

Aryans have been assigning human avatars to the cosmos since forever

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F: stlll equals ma
jesus: still waitin'

adjective-noun pairs from In Defense of Women by HL Mencken


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have jews ever tikkuned a god damn thing?

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