"it's not you, Henry. I just think we need to keep our social distance. That's all."

i've heard at least 2 experts say on interviews that the coronavirus "does not discriminate" between old and young

histogram of death rates by age clearly shows otherwise

the pandemic will expire when everyone gets bored of social distancing

There were 40,000 vehicle-related deaths last year (and every year before that). I propose that we limit all motor vehicle traffic to 15 mph in order to stop the spread of CARVID.

Destroy economy for months in order to suppress white birth rates.

unless you're a lunglet or a fossil, you have next to no chance of dying from covfefevirus

today at buy-low foods:

- had to wait in (socially distanced) line outside store before entering so as not to exceed occupancy limit

- bottle returns no longer allowed

- meat supply plentiful; eggs, some produce gone; non-organic bananas back in stock, albeit off-brand "fyffes" (where's my chiquita, dammit)

- still no buttwipe

- fags in masks a-plenty

today at buy-low foods:

- cashiers wiping down the entire conveyor belt after each purchase
- masking tape marks on the floor to help customers properly distance themselves (socially, of course)
- still no buttwipe

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In a few weeks of stupidity the government destroyed trillions of dollars in small business equity that can never be restored, and they have no intention of restoring it.

Amazon will benefit.

Perhaps its executives should be loaded into a Wicker Man to appease the gods.
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Wall Street is instantly provided trillions.

I don't have a check yet.


So this whole op was a test to see how many people could be scared into injecting themselves with some mystery compound

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The roided out cops can't wait to murder you for leaving the house.
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...if there's a major QE stimulus bill pushed through I'll believe that

...otherwise it's like the crash of '29, why did they do it?

...I believe because they saw Hitler rising

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Orientals will pay millions of dollars and move 10,000 miles to a strange land just to be around middle class whites

(RARE - 1941) In order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, each American student in this photograph practices safe social distancing by maintaining an arm's length from his classmate.

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