i bet that the spanish flu was just made up bullshit like covid

jew media made a deadly pandemic out of the seasonal flu

jews pathologizing dissent (again):

Biden: "This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated."

In other words, if you refuse gene therapy by jews, you're a diseased person who needs to be removed from society.

(re)breeding the white man who doesn't need to be loved by god every hour of the day is the real thousand-year task

LD50: concentration of substance required to kill half of the population

KJ50: fraction of journalists that need to be executed to make half of them reconsider their occupation

any male who is worried about the delta variant is a beta variant

apparently, >85% of people in British Columbia (including 75% of TEENAGERS) have been vaxxed

i walk among retards

taliban speedrunning through afghanistan rn

"The unbaptized are reservoirs of evil and may cause the evil to mutate into even more nefarious forms."

- CNN (paraphrased)

CNN is openly telling its vaccinated zombie audience that unvaccinated are wicked people who can be justifiably fired, deplatformed, depersoned, and exterminated.

these stupid lab rats are still wearing their masks in the Buy Low even though the masks are no longer required to obtain the food pellets

i would not be surprised if there was a study done with actual rats who displayed the same behaviour

opie resliced

masks no longer required in the buy-low foods
all but one 50-year-old lady and me wearing one

saw under the overpass in big chalk letters:

also have seen many stickers on streetlight poles with same message

Everything-as-a-service: the crumbly, sandcastle future

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