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America has been controlled by jews for over a hundred years. Gun rights didn't help it seems.

Mike Enoch:

"The system is anti-white, so you don't owe it your whiteness."

first snow of winter
warmists btfo'd yet again

the temperature at which australia and california are no longer at risk for forest fires is that at which half the world is covered in glaciers

you moron journos

multiculturalism is bullshit. every minority who makes it into a western country wants to be around his particular ethnic group and white people. that's it

every daily stormer article nowadays is about how we need to elect trump or find jesus


Congresskike kvetches about holohoax; twitterers respond with the "Ay, Tone" meme

opie resliced
opie resliced

it has come to my attention that there are people out there dressing as girls who arent girls.

opie resliced
opie resliced

"Being overweight or obese is “clearly linked” with the disease, as well as tumours of the colon, rectum, womb lining, oesophagus, kidneys and pancreas, according to the American Cancer Society."

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