Daily Stormer in 2020:

"These satanic Jews are preparing their seat for the Antichrist as the world government forms around the coronavirus hoax. The Jewish plan is for their false messiah, who is the Antichrist, to rule this world government from his evil blood ritual temple in Jerusalem."


It shouldn't be used at all because it's wrong. Jews aren't magical demons; they're a vagabond tribe of nation-murderers. If the problem is described with mundane correctness instead of through fantastic allegory then the solution becomes obvious and achievable. (That is, deporting Jews to another plane of existence.)

@opie @harrison_partch Agreed. The Jews should be sent to the stars at 1200 feet per second. 😃

@opie gee i dunno that sounds mean couldn't we just... (checks notes) ... ok, right then. never mind.

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