Remember last june when all companies did pic related?

Get ready to see something similar but blacklivesmatter themed in 2020


here's the mother-lode

> A number of individuals, companies, outlets, and media institutions have stepped forward to announce that they support the groups enabling riots, violence, vandalism, theft, assault, and murder taking place at the hands of vandals and thugs across the United States of America.

@opie Dig that 1st one especially: " ...the black voices that DEFINE music, creativity & culture..."

These god damned kikes & commie race traitor scum incessantly lying about & shitting on our people - the TRUE originators of all culture worthy of the designation - must pay with their worthless lives.

Most of these statements have the same theme: centered white text on black background, solemn message, short simple sentences with a prominent full stop to LET YOU KNOW whitey that your racism (and existence) is not acceptable.

What I'm emphasizing here is how managed this whole system is when ALL COMPANIES who were broadcasting the "stay home, stay safe" message suddenly and schoolfishedly pivoted to the "fight racism" message.

@opie @NBForrest i think we've already reached the stage of "afraid to be the first to stop clapping" after stalin speech.

@NBForrest @opie the ones who are defining music, creativity and culture are the record executives, art galleries and the media. There are a ton of kids that listen to 80s and 90s music because everything these days is shit and these kids know it.
Remember that banana taped to a wall that sold for thousands recently. I don't know whether to laugh or cry sometimes

@su @NBForrest @opie The banana thing is just a clever Jew way of laundering money.

@Marko @NBForrest @opie A painting that is just a red stripe of paint sold for millions. you're right, that must be exactly what they're doing

@su @NBForrest @opie And if they can degrade the goyim by making them believe the official story of "art" while doing it, so much the better.

@Marko @NBForrest @opie
The bad thing is is that they fall for it. Can you imagine going to an art exhibit and looking at a splat on a canvas and pretending that it's some revolutionary piece of art, this is so crazy

@su @Marko @opie There's a Hymiewood like with a "masterpiece" sculpture of a man walking & shitting at the same ..time.

@NBForrest @Marko @opie

There is? They admit to their preoccupation with it! I don't even know what to say lol.............

@opie Could it be that this is just yet another push to make the white man finally step up and grab their guns while screaming "the day of the rope!" while those who commissioned the Georgia Standing Stones jump and cheer from the shadows because whoever of us loses, they win? Nah, just some more #PureCoincidence.
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