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This top-down covid hysteria is about panicking the sheep into following orders without questioning The Authorities or looking into the actual facts of the matter. They're getting them accustomed to obedience to (((gummint))) as a matter of course so that they can implement the totally centralized system of imposed scarcity: stopping travel, cramming them into shitty urban apartments and forcing them to eat bugs in order to Thave the Planet. That's on top of the likely cull/sterilization angle.

fauci: need 70% vax rate to defeat virus
translation: need 70% vax rate before we can shut out nonvaxxed from public life without serious opposition

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opie resliced

you probably won't like where anime avatar falls on that list

maybe they'll start denying treatment to fatasses, too

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Hormesis = science-speak for "everything in moderation"

I don't think they do a damned thing except to cause myocarditis.

be sure to get your bapt-pass so you don't get excommunicated!

that's just a disguised cohen, isn't it

he means that there will be more NIGGERS running around

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