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Bilderberg-type jews and their psychopathic goy lackeys like Bill Gates want to obsolete the general purpose (white) man, and can't see that working out. Trying to build a brittle society populated by an intricate network of coffee-skinned laborers and asian technicians will just result in collapse. White men who are cross-trained in all manner of dirty work are necessary for society to function.

opie resliced
Why would you need to tell 4th graders about how you fuck other men? We can't arm fourth graders. I honestly don't understand what he's asking for. How do you teach a kid to defend themselves against him?

All-time heat record here in Greater Vancouver
Predicted to be 45 degrees in Lytton, tomorrow.

wall street bets: diamond hands
black wall street bets: diamond dick

opie resliced

just remove the word "supremacist" and the agenda becomes transparent

>"Based on the continuing downward trajectory of cases, the scientific data on the performance of our vaccines and our understanding of how the virus spreads,"

translation: I'm using my position as head jew at the CDC to write reality for the goyim.

Do you want to know how kikestianity spread through Rome? Then examine the last two years. Same thing at 100x speed.

Christianity took 200 years to spread throughout Rome.
Vaxxianity took 2 years to spread throughout the entire world.
That's how good the kikes have gotten at this shit.

✔️ woke up
✔️ made a cup of decaf (one cream)
✔️ praised the holy sun


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