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turned into an america first stream. in under 10 minutes, nick has said:
jesus is for every race
#1 goal is making america christian
ye needs to be president
go pray because we are in the "end game"

church is for zombies

when are we going to switch over from Jesus years to Hitler years? Anno Domini apparently started around 500 AD. I think Hitler could beat that adoption time by a couple of centuries.

opie resliced

How can a country that has changed so much always be 50 percent red and 50 percent blue? Who actually likes democrats?

orientals become Asians.
global warming becomes climate change.
aliens become immigrants become newcomers.
cheese nips become cheese niBs.

any term that was suffcient, accurate, discriminating, or sounds like something offensive becomes white supremacist and deprecated

>you instinctively scrutinize every picture you see on the internet to determine if it's an AI merchant

>fire most of your staff
>no noticeable impact on the website

is there any other industry besides """tech""" that could survive with 2/3rds of its staff being dead weight?

What do you want to bet this kike will be managing another billion-dollar hedge fund by the time he's 40?

I withdrew my bitcoin from BlockFi (6 bitcents, whatever) in June when I heard Sam Bankman-Fried "rescued" them.

twitter should hire moot to run things

Do you think the guy who invented this Hitler quote thought it would happen like this?

opie resliced

has Putin even said "nuclear" once?

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