After California goes completely bankrupt paying out the "down payment" on reparations, the fedgov will bail them out and you'll be paying bigger nigger taxes whether you live in California or not.

To be born into a culture of high achievement and beauty is an invitation to participate and to develop skills aligned with those traditions.

To outsiders who lack the intrinsic abilities to participate in the host culture, achievement and beauty are insulting threats that must be degraded, and then destroyed.

Every time I'm working thru a calculation and see the digits 2-0-9, my brain reads 'zog'

2023 Corporate Policy

1. All holes are equal.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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a lot of people say "you cant just make up words!"


words exist to serve US. they are our bitches. we are not their butlers.

i, for one instance, am kind of a thepsian myself. what is that? someone who has sex with tasmanian devils?

suprisingly, given (((our))) times, no. it's someone who hates actors.

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new Team White (recorded 2023-03-23), jan alfred alex

jan says here's the link to the show:

note: vnnforum is up for some and down for others (including me, so if you want to link this there, that'd be great i say lundberglike)

Dumbest niggers
Gayest faggots
jewiest jews
we're number 1

The "talented tenth" among American blacks that W.E.B du Bois wrote about 120 years ago is literally that 10% whose IQs reach the level of the average German.

If you don't believe my neighbor, Schlomo Lipshitz, died and rose on the 3rd day, well fuck you, we don't need your kind in Lipshitztianity

Wondering if xtianity would have been as successful if his name was Schlomo Lipshitz

Everything Werner von Braun built was based on files the Nazis stole from Wakanda. Fact.

Niggas so stupid they be like "Math is racist" instead of "Niggas so stupid"

No white professor that claims black problems are due to systemic racism could pass a polygraph saying "Yes" to "Do whites and blacks have the same average level of intelligence?"

funny how nigger demands for equity never apply to running the federal reserve.

Conservatives rave endlessly about individuals needing to take "personal responsibility," and meanwhile defend corporations which were literally brought into existence to avoid personal responsibility.

Liberals and homos agree: actions *shouldn't* have consequences.

Media and religion are both about getting people to believe in 2nd-hand stories instead of 1st-hand observable facts.

We've been paying the nigger tax forever. Reparations just makes it official.

Niggers demanding reparations is an implicit admission they have no ability to get money without stealing it from whites.

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