Without believers yapping 24/7 about GAWD and JAYZUS

nobody ever would happen across a copy of the bible, read it end-to-end and conclude it's the final truth on anything.

There's this thread you hear in the non-mainstream media, where they say


Who is, you ask?


Ah, silly me. It's not the jews, it's the imaginary people who control the jews.

Without being hosted in a rich medium of judeobacter sheckelphilia, covid19 would never have gotten anywhere.

I've still never met anyone who was harmed by something that doesn't exist.

They tell you to worry about things you can't verify because you can't verify them. Feature, not bug.

Only some jews promote race-mixing
Only some jews promote homosexuality
Only some jews run hollywood
Only some jews run the news media
Only some jews run the porn industry
Only some jews founded the naacp
Only some jews run wall street
Only some jews are biden's closest advisers
Only some jews were the bolshevik leadership
Only some jews try to limit free expression
Only some jews founded the Frankfurt school
Only some jews developed critical theory
Only some jews run pedophile rings


With apologies to Orwell, if liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell niggers they're niggers.

"what is the provenance of this 'two buck Chuck'?"

That's good fucking writing right there.

Prettiest lass I saw all week works down at the local O'Reilly auto parts. With those pale blue eyes and pale skin to match, her only flaw was a fucked up forearm tattoo. You come in cuz you have a burned out brake light. Next thing you know, she asks if you need anything else. And since she sounds so nice and smells so pretty, you think to yourself, maybe I do need a set of piston rings, a thermostat gasket, or maybe even a case of 75w-90 hypoid. A gal like that can sell, I tell ya.

Nothing inspires confidence like having:
***A president with dementia
***A prostitute of color as VP
***A homojew-man LARPing as a woman for asst health secretary

Moving into the White House must be weird. Think about sleeping in the same room where JFK's and Clinton's spuzz stains are right there on the wallpaper, untouchable historical artifacts protected by the National Register of Historic Places.

This happened in Alex Linder Country, aka NEMO, in the evening on January 1, driving north on US61. It was snowing and the roads were icy as fuck. I was going about 15 mph with my hazards on. A U-Haul truck and trailer pulling a car having Florida tags blazes by in the LH lane at 60mph. I'm thinking that guy doesn't know WTF he's doing. A few hundred yards later, I watched that dumbass spin out into the median along with the trailer and car. I laughed as I passed by at 15 mph.

Answer me this: If diversity is such a strength, why are the indigenous lands of the nigger and beaner such unmitigated shitholes?

If Kirksville Today added a crossword puzzle, it might gain more readership than the NYT.

Queueanon is less important than jueueanon.

Hard to understand all the Qtard tears. Losing on the surface is actually winning behind the scenes, right?

So losing BIG should be the most encouraging fucking news they've ever heard.

Cheer up, retards.

Biden is Trump's double, actually, thanks to Elon Musk. During the 2020 campaign, the white hats put self-assembling nanobots in Joe's dementia medication. That was why he had those weird moments. Now it's complete. Biden has the full neural mesh and Trump has the radio controller in his hands.

I'm not worried. Donald Trump has been wearing a fat suit for the last 30 years. Underneath the exterior, he has the EXACT same dimensions as Biden.

Do you think that's a coincidence?

Don's wearing a Biden suit now, bitches. The white hats are in complete control now.

Fuck all these xtian and libertarianesque homeschool curriculums.

You can raise up a man with a 30-lb box of Jack London, Nietzsche, and hard math.

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