Discrimination is the opposite of degeneracy.

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Antisemites are overreacting? How would Zionist Jews react to an ethno-religious tribe that was disproportionately represented among political and social movements that were harmful to Israelis, and who, all across the political spectrum, opposed the idea of Israel as a Jewish state?

They call us fascists; we call them faggots.

I can think of a shitload of truths that are more self-evident than the absurdity that "all men are created equal."

If (((libertarianism))) didn't exist to gatekeep, 90% of libertarians would be white nationalists.

Diversity is (((our))) greatest strength.

I wonder if the never-ending battle between conservatives and liberals is just as real as the competition between Busch Light and Bud Light.

The power of brainwashing is revealed by liberals believing they are such badass rebels for behaving exactly as mainstream society tells them.

After a guy has lived through, say, 5 or 10 presidential election cycles, is there a lesson we can draw from the observation that Israel gets everything it wants no matter what, but life for white Americans keeps getting shittier year after year?

Looks like DuShawnay Tyronious Schwartzwaldfelderkampenstein IV is the favorite for the Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, Physics, Literature, and Peace this year, just as we all expected.

You have to admit that "Love is Love" sounds a lot better than "I enjoy ramming my penis up this guy's asshole."

Occam's machete is a must-have tool in the jungle of jewsplanation.

Vegans and liberals share a deep-rooted preference for the worse over the better.

In those glory days of Wakanda, Scientific African was a leading publication, discussing groundbreaking ebonical research from dark matter to black holes, all while keeping it real for its readership of 70-IQ bitches and homies.

Criticize degeneracy, get called an antisemite. It's almost as if there could be a connection.

Except for the massively higher rates of murder, rape, unemployment and poverty, the failing water and electrical infrastructure, and the lower average lifespans, things have been going great for South Africa since the blacks took control.

Jewish privilege is...
Using the media they control to deny they control the media.

rolt resliced

When whites fail, it's because of low intelligence or bad work ethic. When blacks fail, it's because of any reason other than low intelligence or bad work ethic.

Reading Mein Kampf is taboo not because the ideas it discusses are extreme, but precisely because those ideas are self-evidently reasonable.

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