If they take away abortion, why not the 19th amendment too?

Is a transgynecologist just a urologist? Asking for a friend.

Best meal I ever ate was a 4-hour, 9-course affair with wine pairings at each stage at an illegal black market restaurant.

Best drugs I ever used, also black market.

Best abortion I ever got, you get the idea. Nothing to worry about.

Does no more abortions in texas also infer no more hurricanes on Galveston? Or do they also need to kill the fags?

Can't find the clause in the contract with Big G on this.

Looking forward to seeing the triumph of hope over physics in Germany in about six months.

Huxley told us about alpha, beta, gamma, & delta types.

I'm into sigma. I'm only interested in spending time with people who are doing things at least 3 sigma from normal.

In life, you face compromises. Engineering is the art of the compromise. Therefore, life is an engineering problem.

You can either push a few things to the limits and have something interesting, or you can have a well-balanced life equivalent to a white 4-cyl Toyota corolla.

If you've ever built furniture with hand tools, you it's a shitload of work compared with doing the same tasks with modern power tools.

Why, then, is the majority of new furniture so shitty compared with stuff made, say, 150 years ago?

The fitting of mortices and tenons, the hand-cut dovetails, the chisel detail work all took time, yet it showed up everywhere in dressers, drawers, tables, chairs, and even bedframes.

Now with the advantage of amazing tools, people get Ikea quality instead

Because debt is easy, it's cheapened the quality of many things.

For instance, who would ever have saved up for ten years to buy a house outright knowing it was made from bullshit materials like OSB?

Debt should have remained a tool of business and never allowed to become a consumer product.

The ability to finance land, housing, vehicles, college, etc. destroyed the need to save, HARD, in order to buy those things outright. It turned people away from long-range goals toward short-term gratification. Debt turns big expenses into a monthly payment, making them seem affordable while actually causing them to become tremendously more expensive.

Diversity is a battering ram on culture because among diverse groups of people with different values, aesthetics, and morals the only thing everyone can agree on is that they want more money.

Visit at Shorpy.com and get an idea of how Americans used to look. Think how much lard they ate and how many cigarettes they smoked. And how healthy they looked.

Thank goodness for peer-reviewed science or I'd almost worry the modern American diet of GMOs, vaccines, tiktok, and weed isn't optimal.

If religion is the opiate of the masses, Jesus is [drug] Lord.

No kid ever dreams of being another peasant on the globohomo farm.

Their agendas all run contrary to our interests. They can't rationalize them. Instead, they appeal to emotion saying opposition to [X] is dehumanizing, hurts people's feelings, and causes climate change.

If their ideas were great, they'd grow organically. What you see is the opposite: they can't ever stop dumping energy into their monoculture propaganda machine because the real solutions are plainly too obvious.

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rolt resliced

@rolt just like Christianity, it self polices by making you think that questioning the system is a sin and a sign of being corrupt.

Our problems and the solutions to them are self-evident. It doesn't matter how right you are; political correctness turns *you* into the bad guy for ignoring the social taboo against talking about those problems and solutions.

What an amazing trick, to marginalize your speech not because it's wrong, but because it's "offensive," or simply "unacceptable."

They control us by preventing open discussion of the obvious.

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