Prettiest lass I saw all week works down at the local O'Reilly auto parts. With those pale blue eyes and pale skin to match, her only flaw was a fucked up forearm tattoo. You come in cuz you have a burned out brake light. Next thing you know, she asks if you need anything else. And since she sounds so nice and smells so pretty, you think to yourself, maybe I do need a set of piston rings, a thermostat gasket, or maybe even a case of 75w-90 hypoid. A gal like that can sell, I tell ya.

@rolt There are very, very few true stunners in these parts. I see what I consider to be a beautiful woman maybe once in a couple of years. Almost every little dummy has at least one fugly ass tat.

There was an absolutely gorgeous girl working the counter in a commercial for a local pool store: a beaming blonde, adorable in every visible way; almost made me want to stop in for a weekly bucket of chlorine for the pool I don't have.

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