If you've ever built furniture with hand tools, you it's a shitload of work compared with doing the same tasks with modern power tools.

Why, then, is the majority of new furniture so shitty compared with stuff made, say, 150 years ago?

The fitting of mortices and tenons, the hand-cut dovetails, the chisel detail work all took time, yet it showed up everywhere in dressers, drawers, tables, chairs, and even bedframes.

Now with the advantage of amazing tools, people get Ikea quality instead

@rolt people with experience and tools can do amazing work, factories that pump out stuff for $200 aren't doing anything amazing.

@Bill_Boone Most people will stand in awe of the 5-axis CNC machines cranking out super complicated parts while the guy running the machine barely understands how to operate the vise. The talent in factories is still on the toolroom floor where the guys (they're all guys) use simple tools to make and repair fixtures, tools, dies, etc.

@rolt It is a little myopic to think that everything was better in the past.
The cheap disposable furniture of the past has already been disposed of.
My parents grew up in houses that would be considered tiny by modern American standards and had less room for the furniture that was more expensive...

I had an Ikea couch that lasted about ten years and replaced it with a very heavy and solid couch that will probably last fifty years.

but whatever the problem is, just go ahead and blame the jews for it and everyone can be happy!

@rolt I would say it's the time and care that was taken in the old days. Given their methods they had no choice but to take their time, and get it exactly right. It's human nature to be impatient, so modern tools have provided the efficiency but not quality. I would recommend wood glue.

@teamwhiteenthusiast If you have to invest your own sweat into sawing and planing boards, spending 20% longer to get a beautiful result doesn't seem like a splurge. Subtract the sweat means taking away the personal investment. In that world, stapling a few 2x4s together might seem good enough

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