I remember this...
Der Kaspar, der war kerngesund,
Ein dicker Bub und kugelrund,
Er hatte Backen rot und frisch
Die Suppe aß er hübsch bei Tisch.
Doch einmal fing er an zu schrei'n:
"Ich esse keine Suppe! Nein! ...

it goes on, but yeah, he dies.

"OK. Honeymoon OVER. Today, convective heat transfel with sucking and broing at wall sulface.....Now we sarve pahshul differential 'quations, OK?"

Do wild animals regularly experience viral pandemics, or is that only something animals with TVs do?

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Well, thank gosh that even if Oregon doesn't require math, reading, or writing competency to graduate high school, Kate Brown actually raised standards by increasing the requirements in transsexual faggotry and George Floyd theology.

Asking for a friend--
What's the top school with a transgender classics program with all classes taught in ancient ebonics?

Blood with spike proteins
Little hats feeling joyful
Just one solution

Is there some goddam reason we can't reach our most vulnerable populations by giving a a billion to our best scientists to develop a universal smokeable or injectable covid vax enhanced with an artisan blend of meth, smack, cannabis, and red bull?

I'm thinkin' if we can get Willie Nelson and the Foo Fighters and maybe Jagger headlining The Injectathon, we could get another 0.1%.

You can thank me later.

Look at how many got jabbed because they believe what they hear from politicians and the electric jew.

In that light, can the covid vax be viewed as anything other than a eugenics program?

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any male who is worried about the delta variant is a beta variant

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first professional joke i ever wrote. or, would have been, if the conservative magazine had the cojos to publishing anything in that direction

paraphrase cuz time

"The AIDS blanket is almost big enough to cover the average queer's number of sexual partners"

The science of computer modeling isn't in the modeling per se, but rather in selectively manipulating the outcomes to optimize future research funding.

Honest science happens wherever lots of people can verify the results. Semiconductor research, for example.

Bullshit science happens wherever the data is proprietary, expensive for outsiders to obtain, difficult to replicate, and qualitative.

Amazing that people who ever fudged data in a lab report in HS or college (and who didn't??) don't think that grown-up professional scientists doing lab reports (aka scientific papers) don't fudge their data all the fucking time. Fer chrissake, it's the norm, not the exception.

Where did this "First Responders" mindfuck come from anyway?

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