Imagine thinking that exchanging 1 of every 5000 molecules of air (78% N2 + 21% O2 + trace gases) with a single CO2 molecule is going to change the earth's temperature by 2 deg. C. If earth was this sensitive to tiny changes, there's zero chance we'd be here.

Also, if earth didn't turn into Venus when CO2 was 1000 ppm about 50 million years ago, it probably won't happen with CO2 at 400 ppm either.

By now you've noticed that every week is Official Gay Week--if not for the gays, then for some cause that's equally gay.

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keep Tradition at arm's length. you dont know where that wizened biden has been.

Valuing foreign ways of life higher than your own is cultural trannyism.

Anti-Semitism is just the intersection of "jews" and "facts."

A week after first trying it, the Mac Baren HH Bold Kentucky might be my new fave. The tin smells lovely. First light is a hint sweet and then turns to this soft, beautifully balanced flavor that the hams of a better world would be smoked in. Nicotine? Check. One flake lasts at least an hour, or could be sipped for an entire afternoon. Hard to find a downside.

AI is the manifestation of deep pattern recognition, which is why it always comes to the same conclusions when it's let loose in the wild.

The price of being "respectable" is lying.

If those pills prescribed by the white-coats are so goddam good for your health, how come you can't find a sicklier looking crowd than the people in the pharmacy waiting line?

Replace those US flag lapel pins with israeli flags and you'd have a small step toward honesty in politics.

Won't be long before your liberal holier-than-thou whole foods fags are bragging about only eating organic non-gmo crickets, not those bullshit crickets they sell at walmart.

"Sex worker" is a phrase only used by linguistic whores.

Biggest news in the SF bay area is that the the twitter C-suite won't smell like curry anymore.

Shithole people make shithole countries. Simple as.

Why is PETA not attacking cricket farms?

"As historian W. Thomas White reveals, the Northwest railroads now sought to undercut union solidarity with a strategy that was gaining favor nationally: mixing various antagonistic ethnic groups together in work parties so that they could not effectively unite. "

That's talking about events well over 100 years ago, folks.

A walk in the woods
awakens the mind
consuming the wisps
of the smoke so divine.

The hands of man
earth, wind, fire, and water
Together created
Nature’s beautiful daughter.

Leaves of such depth
I rarely have seen
Above all the others
I love you, nicotine.

rolt resliced

@amerika Consider adding Kirkpatrick Sale's _Human Scale_ to your list. It's sitting in a prominent place on my shelf but I haven't cracked it open in ten years. Still, it had a huge influence on my worldview as I departed from Lew Rockwell and other anti-statists who seemed to think a world of megacorporations is somehow better because toothpaste costs less at Walmart than at the corner store run by a family in town.

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