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Race mixing is a terrible weapon against whites. Besides creating a generation of mutts, it is a sledge that drives "diversity" straight into otherwise racially-homogeneous families and friendships.

Non-whites relentlessly bitch about getting full access to white culture but I've never seen Whites bitch about not getting access to non-white culture. Hmm...I wonder why...

The inability for any pro-white organization to enjoy the mainstream acceptance of the ADL and SPLC is 100% inescapable undeniable rock-hard proof that white privilege doesn't exist and jewish privilege does.

Critical race theory is like a (((Rube Goldberg))) machine answer to the question of why black cultures are universally unsuccessful.

Occam's answer is a beautifully parsimonious two letters: IQ.

The difference between hate speech and common sense is almost nonexistent.

Think about what nature would have provided the people of northern Europe a thousand years ago and ask yourself what things in the grocery store sorta look like that. Herring, venison, eggs: yes. Broccoli, potatoes, carrots: no.

Language is a double-edged sword, the most powerful technology of all. With it, we create. With it, (((they))) destroy.

Name one thing they haven't turned into a scam.

Just one.

They want the kids studying STEM because if they study real history, that ain't good for the program.

European. You're a peon.

That's how they treat us.

It's the only the lies that are incessantly repeated.

The key truths, once learned, aren't soon forgotten.

"Compared to all mental abilities, pattern recognition is said to have the highest correlation with the so-called general intelligence factor."(Psychology Today, 2018)

***notice (((patterns)))***

"You're a stupid bigoted conspiracy theorist."
(mainstream, always)