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You'll notice in the Official and Serious Covid News Reporting that at every point where the story could diverge, the scriptwriters take us down the path where our corporate and government overlords are given plausible yet unverifiable reasons to fuck the average Joe over even more.

Thank covid for separating the people who were just talking a good game from the true friends.

If your media is owned and controlled by names that read like they came straight out of the Tel Aviv phonebook, voting isn't going to take you where you want to go, guaranteed.

So, the faggot lifestyle being what it is, you had fags taking massive quantities of drugs and antibiotics, typically swapping jizz with hundreds or thousands of other faggots and we never heard about HIV variants after a few decades?

Nigga please.

Hmm...Was I just not paying attention to every pre-2019 cold and flu mutation becoming deadlier and contagious-er month after month?

Or might this variant talk just be more jewish bullshit?

Craigslist Special Sale
47-speed bicycle
AK brand

rolt resliced

The NTHSA launched an investigation last week after finding evidence for 11 failures of Tesla's "autopilot" system leading to "at least 1 death and 17 injuries" in the last 18 months.

In other news, today, the FDA announced full approval for a drug that has killed thousands and maimed hundreds of thousands in the last six months.

U of Michigan hypothesis:
Blacks and latinx students fail at math because it's racist.

Pieville alternative hypothesis:
Blacks and latinx students fail at math because they have low IQs.

Any guesses about which one would stand up to objective analysis?

Mandatory quaccines are a government-enforced form of mandatory Russian roulette.

You know your ag system is jewed when people raising food in traditional, natural ways have to pay money to get the (scam) organic/non-GMO certifications, but bullshit GMOs grown in a flood of toxic chemicals don't have any labeling to this fact whatsoever.

Diversity for whites isn't visiting the zoo, it's living in the zoo.

Another architectural abortion from the mind of Frank Gehry

Is anyone else mystified by the fact that Diversity Is Our Strength, yet every diverse area is strangely shittier than the worst Mennonite community?

Clearly, more government-funded research is needed.

Aids was just covid 1.0. Both are lifestyle diseases. Aids boiled down to faggotry and drug abuse with symptoms amplified by taking azt. You get covid from being an obese, TV-hypnotized slob with symptoms amplified by the vax.

The jewish MO is to turn everything they touch into a scam:

Is your country experiencing
--fake money, or
--dishonest mainstream media?

Other solutions only deal with symptoms. Zyklon attacks the root cause.

Maybe it's time to ask your medical authorities if Zyklon is right for your country.

If not for the stigma of imperialism, the people who can't provide clean water for themselves would be fabricating their own semiconductors.

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