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What's crazier:
A woman with PMS
A man pretending to have PMS

Nicotine helps you think more clearly. THC does the opposite.

Those facts explain the official policies and media attitudes toward tobacco and cannabis.

Without antibiotics and other medical interventions, faggotry as practiced in San Francisco would have wiped itself off the face of the earth already.

American model: small-caliber guns everywhere

Better: automatic weapons at home.

Ideal: Texas, Tennessee, and Idaho get their own nukes

-->Politicians are liars.

-->Let's replace them with different politicians.

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one reliable way you know your country has been jewed is the displacement of actual, valid cultural work, such as writing history, is done by electrical engineers rather than historians. and this pattern obtains across the entire range. so that no approved, hireable mainstream professor will write the truth about the holocoast big lie, it falls to an honest electrician, arthur butz.

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So the jews have about six million different organizations to certify Kosher food (naturally, while grafting money off the goyim), but if you want to avoid crickets or other bullshit mixed into your food, well, sorry, fella.

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@rolt There's a scene in Charlie Varrick (1973) where he buys dynamite and blasting cap and the guy asks him "May I ask what you intend to do with the dynamite?" and varrick says "you certainly may" and walks out the door. he paid 9 and change for it. TPTB move from treating americans like kindergartners to feedlot cattle

If you want peace, would you:

a) mix every type of biped into one geographic area


b) encourage bipeds with similar characteristics to establish borders and live among themselves


News is noise. Once you know the theme, do you need to listen to every variation?

Consider that up until 1968, you could buy dynamite over the counter at many hardware and farm-supply stores, no questions asked and without a license.

And then fast forward to today, when new cars have face- and eye-watching tech that suggests you take a break if its algorithm thinks you're tired.

We're racing into a world where you are allowed to do nothing unless you've been given explicit permission from the authorities.

It's looking more and more like industrial civilization was designed to explode the population so the owners of this world could get enough of those one per million innovators who created the tech that obviates the need for most humans.

Now that they have what they need, it's time to thin the herd, which is easier than ever because they control the means of producing basically everything you now need to stay fed and keep your indoor environment above freezing.

At $1.66/kwh, producing 1kg of aluminum metal from bauxite ore would cost around $92.

The embedded energy in the metal of just one aluminum can (about 15g) would cost about $1.38.

France is fucked.

Wholesale electricity futures in France for November hit $1.66/kwh today for baseline power and $2.80/kwh for peak-demand.

Wholesale. Not retail.

2022-2023 will be the dark winter.

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this fag is a traditionalist
this other fag is a progressive
the smart guy is a betterist
time is a not a quality judgment, no matter how many adages you parrot

Democracy is a marketing campaign so successful that nearly everyone in the west thinks they live in one despite all the top leadership constantly pushing agendas they explicitly don't want.

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