Aryans need to develop a two-pronged attack.

1. A Populist approach in which we retreat to rural areas and build vibrant White communities based in traditional agrarian/maker culture. Where we make lots of babies and then identify and train the top 10% to move into

2. A Vanguard front that is responsible for reclaiming all of the positions of authority in our institutions.

This is the simplest most resilient way to ensure a brighter future for White children.

@russ lol, you can't fix things by joining the system. the system needs to burn

@spiritsplice That's just childish.

It's also similar to what most Jews and their shabbos goy collaborators said 150 years ago, until the Zionists convinced them that they really could make their long march through the institutions.

It's the only solution, everything else is defeatism or hobbyism.

@russ the only solution is to kill these people. you have zero chance of taking back power via the system. (((they))) were able to do so because Whites bought into nonsense like freedom of speech and civil rights. our enemies arent going to cede any ground to us.

@spiritsplice Violence is a function of power. They have the power so trying to kill they would be futile. We'd be killed. First you get the power, then you get to be violent.

Only you don't call violence. You call it law enforcement.

That's just the way it works.

@russ nobody with power is ever going to hand it over (only whites were that stupid). might as well aim you are going to teach niggers about morality and nuclear physics. power must be take with force.

@spiritsplice Again, a tiny minority cannot win by using force. Stealth is the only way.

@mystik @spiritsplice I want to take back what rightly belongs to us in the most realistic way possible.

@russ well outjewing jews isn't it. you don't seem to understand how it was done to us in the first place. we don't have a trillion dollars in economic control, we don't have billionaire donors to support us, we don't control the media, we are fucked demographically in most places. this is just "vote the bums out" boomerism.


@russ jews had tons of money when they attacked america, they also had a world wide network of ethnic nepotism, understood ingroup preference and lived it. we have none of that.

they also had a gullible enemy full of Christian ideas that made them easy targets. what you are imagining cant be done.


@spiritsplice @mystik Jews have existed long before America and they did these same things at least as far back as Egypt.

They gained control of the flow of money and information, so that they could destroy Aryan Nations.

@russ how do you expect honest Whites who obsess about muh individualism to ever get anywhere trying be like jews? White people are not a criminal race of ethnocentric schemers.


@spiritsplice @mystik You're asking the wrong questions. That's not something we need to worry about.

@russ lol. I guess it will just magically happen that White people will start acting like jews and stop being White. @mystik


@spiritsplice @mystik So you're saying that Whites are incapable of running their own countries, communities, and institutions?

@russ you dont get to run what you arent in charge of.

when they did have control, they handed it over to jews and niggers who openly hated them


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