TalieVision is television for a White future.

Their three "Presentations" playlists have more than 150 pro-White videos of speeches, talks, lectures, sermons, and more.

On BitChute:

On GabTV:

Playlist 1:

Playlist 2:

@russ Gday

Any chance it can be uploaded to JoshwhoTV

Odysee + crapchute + Gab all censor white nationalists

@charliebrownau Hey Charlie, I added JoshWho TV to the Patriot Portal's list of pro-White video resources,

but due to time constraints, it will be a while before I'm able to add videos to the the platform myself.

If it's your site keep-up the great work and I will do what I can to promote it.

@russ Its not my site , but its the only one Ive found you can be
Pro Truth
pro White
Pro Free Speech

Its Josh's that offers
JoshwhoTV -
SearX server -
Loop - free speech social media -

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