You're either Aryan or you're antarian.

The Jew-dominated system is completely antarian.

If you support it in anyway, you're antarian.

This means (at a bare minimum) you need to:

* Stop consuming, especially at large national and multinational corporations like Amazon, Walmart, McDonalds, Apple, etc.
* Homeschool your children
* Homechurch your family, and most importantly
* Learn to be more self-reliant

On April 4, 2019, I stopped using Twitter, because of their antarian policies, and switched to Gab permanently. A few months ago, after Musk announced his take-over of Twitter, I attempted to login. I found that I couldn't, because Twitter was claiming that my profile contained "abusive behavior".

I challenge anyone to find anything "abusive" in my profile included in this screenshot of the message they sent me. Unless, of course, being a "Proud Aryan" is abusive.

This is how you take power.

You organize and you infiltrate.

It's time White's made their own "long march through the institutions".

The Patriot Portal is the Web's largest directory of pro-White websites--with more than 800 of them listed in one of our 24 different sub-directories.

None of these things happened to me, but I still ain't gonna forget.

Long ago the American Zionist Council's Committee on Information and Public Relations released this 12-point memo on how to control the narrative on Middle East issues.

Jews do the same things with regard to controlling every other issue in Western life.

The Patriot Portal is the Web's largest directory of pro-White websites--with more than 800 of them listed in one of our 24 different sub-directories.

The real purpose of forced race mixing in the West--according to one of it's Jewish orchestrators--is to dumb-down the White race to a point where we will never be able to challenge our Jewish overlords.

Liberalism = Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism = Globalism

Globalism = Jewishness

Jewishness = Treason to humanity

If you're a liberal, no matter where you are in the world, you're engaged in treason against your own people.

Raising your child properly (i.e. teaching them well) is the sacred duty of every parent. Shipping them off to schools that are going to teach them self-hate and endless degeneracy is a form of child abuse.

Homeschooling is the answer.

The Colchester Collection's "Education" catalog has more than 40 books which will help you get it done:

Power = Control of the flow of capital and the flow of information.

The pen is mightier than the sword, precisely because if you can get people to side with you, then you can get an indefinite number of swords.

Controlling that which people think is right and true is real power. To do that you have to control the flow of information. i.e. you have to control the media. It takes a lot of money to control the media. To get that money you have to control the flow of capital.

Until you understand Jewish Hegemony, nothing makes sense; once you understand it, everything does.

The problem with hate speech laws is that they allow the regime to stifle freedom of speech by allowing it to label its political opponents as haters.

In order for America to ever be great again, we must remove Jews from positions of power and authority and replace them with White men who have strong senses of racial responsibility.

Truth is, your elderly mother or father are much more likely to be abused by non-White staff members (or even other patients) in a nursing home than your child is to be abused by a priest at church, but you'll never hear the media demand reform in our immigration or forced diversity policies.

Every. Single. Time.

Tim Wise up to his usual tricks.

This is the game Jews play. Racial violence directed at Whites is never "racism" according to them.

Aryans need to develop a two-pronged attack.

1. A Populist approach in which we retreat to rural areas and build vibrant White communities based in traditional agrarian/maker culture. Where we make lots of babies and then identify and train the top 10% to move into

2. A Vanguard front that is responsible for reclaiming all of the positions of authority in our institutions.

This is the simplest most resilient way to ensure a brighter future for White children.

Like everything else Jews say, it's not just a little off the mark, but 180 degrees the opposite of the truth.

Negroes and other non-Whites are simply less evolved sub-species of humans, meant to go the way of the dodo, except that Jews have infiltrated our institutions of power and are using them to force us to subsidize the existence of these less evolved humans.

That isn't hate. It's just observable fact. I don't wish non-Whites any ill will. I'm just reading the writing on the wall.

The Health Care Big Three

1. Nutrition
2. Exercise
3. Sleep

NUTRITION: Eat right with a balanced diet of 60% fat, 20% protein, and 20% carbohydrates

EXERCISE: Stay active. An hour or two a day of gardening should be enough--plus, if you're growing produce, you'll get plenty of good carbs for your nutrition. If you can't do that, walk that long

SLEEP: Most of us need eight hours a night. If you're not able to get that amount, it's probably because of high levels of stress. Stress is a killer

I've been promoting this for decades, but for White men of course.

If White men took a month off and forced women and non-Whites to do all the heavy lifting required to build and maintain a first world civilization, the regime would collapse.

Let's make the Great Mancott of 2022 a thing.

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