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The problem isn't with anime per se, a lot of anime is pretty good and often the japs know us better than we know ourselves these days; the problem is the type of anime that gets posted in pedorated spaces. Most of it is of kids, or animal crossbreeds.

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1) The Germans didn't gas anybody.
2) Europeans were here in North America before the American Indians.
3) Hitler did everything he could to prevent a war, and everything he could to make an honorable, generous peace with the West.

My asserting these three things is indicative of how much I've actively investigated these things.
The majority's reaction to these three assertions is indicative of how little they've actively investigated these things.


its the extension of the cia underwriting the warren commision's report and coming up with the conspiracy theorist label to discredit dissident opinions and even more so to undermine direct evidence of lies

To, what, sixty percent of people, your challenging anything they've heard repeatedly from tv makes you unserious. They might not articulate that in your presence, but that's how they look at it. I guess at the percentage.

No non-kiked society absurdly makes trannypedofags out to be "brave heroes", let alone puts them in charge of anything. They should be kicked back into the Closet, or killed when they refuse to go.

I've talked about how the jewish scissors work before, the kikes never just take one thing, whenever a scam is being run they take two things.

And they build up upon their own misdeeds.

Putting women in the workforce was to force down wages AND destroy the family. Building upon this, taking it as a given that a woman MUST work, now they present that their actual biological function is an inconvenience to work, which of course the jews had established, a woman MUST do.

A woman MUST work

Look how being a mother gets in the way of the new woman's obligation.

As somebody who worked as a cleaner for a period , scrubbing half the restrooms and venues in the city , I'm wondering how many free floating radicals are stuck in menial jobs and never realize their true potential.

Quite a few of us waste borrowed time believing in the system , while many are not even aware of the fact that the system never believed doesn't believe in them .
Kinda reminds me of that 4chan post a few days ago, about putting in 5x the effort to get a woman 10 times worse than your grandfather had
This post goes out to all the niggers on the fediverse (including faggots & jews):

Please reduce your blackness. Thank you.
A whore that opens the gate to her family's fortress forfeits her heritage. She is but another nigger to be killed without consequence.
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