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The simplest way to understand politics is this:

Right Wing = Tradition, correspondence to reality, self sufficiency, productivity, social cohesion, eugenics, ancestors, cyclical view of history, pragmatism, strength, elitism, excellence

Left Wing = novelty for its own sake, parasitism, mutants, freakshows, atomism, deracination, anomie, dysgenics, dishonest, utopianism, linear view of history, weakness, flattening of standards, entitlement

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Claiming you hate jews as a christian is like claiming you hate queers with a dick up your ass.

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Like, why are you faggots even online if all you are going to do is cry and complain about business as usual? Im not saying you should make overt threats, but what is this gay shit supposed to accomplish? The system itself is the problem.

Flat Earth fags: "How do you know this basketball is round? Do you even know what it is made of? Take me there someday. We shoot baskets as if the floor is flat. Cameras can zoom in to stuff our eyes cant see. Kike is king."

The carnivore fags are all people who respond poorly to carbs and respond well to a lack of carbs. The other half of the population feels like they would rather be dead eating that way. For them it is as bad as being vegan.

All flat earth faggots deserve to have their nuts deep fried while still attached.

The fact that former FBI General Counsel, Jim Baker, was working for Twitter in the first place, is a massive red flag. The Orwell-alarm is going off.

The fact that he was actively trying to cover up details released from the Twitter files from the inside, should come as no surprise.

More proof that the FBI weaponized Twitter and the label of “private enterprise” was false. It was a government operated entity via proxy.

More proof that the FBI/DNC serve same entity.

"Who gets to decide who is worth saving" cries the mutant.

rice + woman + strike = number

because kanji is retarded

Both catholicism and libertarianism throw biology out the window to keep their false view of man as generic and interchangeable - the exact same thing as John Rawls's Original Position.

Beardson is attacking Alex Jones for having an ex Jewish wife.... He himself was married to a Jew for 10 years LMAO this fucking guy
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