Christianity began among jews. If it were valuable, they would have kept it for themselves.

There's no evidence of voter fraud in the same way that all scientists agree on climate change and all historians agree on the holocaust.

There's many problems with Xtianity. One major one is the total lack of respect for hard work. Jesus doesn't win any great wars or build anything that lasts. He is idle. Prefers words to action and magic to time proven truth. Jewish in short.

Christianity focuses on giving stuff away versus building something. Of course we will give it away. We don't live forever. What is your point here? Just anti family?

I was trying to explain to a friend a political opinion of mine without saying it was nazism. Basically I said I had trouble being satisfied with individual success alone when society as a whole sucks. And he basically accused me of being a commie. I realized that jews have totally dominated the discussion of what makes society better, so much so that communism equals good by default. It requires unusual IQ to actually easily see through this.

how could anyone living in NYC be against immigration? if they minded being crammed in with billions of shitskins who dont even speak english they WOULDNT LIVE THERE. so why they mind the same conditions for everywhere else?

I don't think Ayn Rand is right. I think rather that it must be understood that helping the weak comes with a net cost to society. No net benefit. Individualism has nothing to do with it. Individualism is natural among white people and does not need to be supported. Its the Christianity thats the problem.

When Coronavirus first came about my assumption was they were vastly understating the number of cases. Because if the death rate was anywhere near one percent, given how contagious it has been proven to be, there would be far more death and that wasnt observed.

The truth is in fact that they lied about the deaths. Dying with as opposed to from. And everyone rushed to compare to regular flu but that itself was also trumped up and "estimated". It was done to justify action much like wmds

Don Jr. is bragging about how no towns are burning because Rs lost. Yeah woohoo we are pussies! You can do anything to us and we won't do anything at all! And brag about it like its winning!

White people need to be proud of fighting

Normies suffer from dysfunctional trust. They vaguely remember that in the past, [mistakes have been made] and the media has[ gotten things wrong]... But like an abused woman that knows [he loves her], normies keep coming back for more, no matter how much the (((mainstream))) lies.

I don't know who said it, but goddam if it isn't true: christianity is judiasm for gentiles.

The new round of lockdowns, like the masks, is REQUIRED to maintain the illusion of a pandemic...Because nobody IRL is seeing hard firsthand evidence of a dangerous, contagious, exponentially-spreading illness. The whole thing is a theater production.

All technologies can be weaponized. The media is a technology. It exists to control minds to the extent that the masses ridicule the idea that they are mind-controlled.

Consider how fucking mind-controlled someone has to be to believe that a Beyond Burger, industrially manufactured from bullshit ingredients that don't exist in nature, is superior food to wild meat.

Vegans eat human inventions exclusively.

When was the last time you went hiking in the wilderness and found wild broccoli, lettuce, kale, celery, potatoes, bananas, oranges, wheat, corn, soy, or anything else vegans subsist on?

Politics is just another scripted sitcom, filmed in front of a live studio audience.

So, in two months, when Trump is out of office, do we still trust the plan and WWG1WGA? Just wonderin'.

Years ago, I used to work with this guy Doug who traveled the world to repair very high-tech shit, made in America but mostly sold overseas. Turns out that in a lot of countries, it was pretty much an ordinary courtesy to provide a guy of his value with female companionship. Talking about this one day, he says, "I've never seen ANYTHING as nasty as black pussy." lol.

Anyone else good and goddam tired of all the kvetching over trump and what this means for (((democracy)))? For fuck's sake, nobody in American history sucked more israeli cock than he, and yet (((they're))) all feeling threatened by what he supposedly symbolizes.

If the coronavirus were actually something to worry about, (((they))) would be downplaying it in the media instead of going full tilt 24/7 with the bullshit since this would achieve their aim to harm as many of us as possible. As usual, the initial bias should go opposite to whatever line the (((media))) pushes.

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