To those unaware, "Loli is Japanese manga or anime that is sexually explicit and involves cartoon characters that are underage. "

These unserious faggots are unable to fully identify the source of the problems facing the white race, because they themselves are jewed in mind, body, and spirit.



@Varg they all deserve to die. they are here to muddy the water and act like kikes. they hate us because we care.

@spiritsplice These are the people who present themselves as honest, family-loving christians fighting jewish degeneracy. biggest liars i've come across- worse than jews, have no families of their own, degenerates that spend all day on the computer masturbating to porn that some perverted old jap drew, or some jew produced to turn them into the faggot cucks they are today.

@spiritsplice @Varg the sooner loli is scrubbed from their minds the better.

They are but husks of bugmen.
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