@bonkersbsd @spiritsplice it is good cop bad cop. Sure it may not be as explicit in some ways but the ideas line up exactly for what a jew would want a white person to believe. Never fight back. Never use your brain. Blacks are as holy as you or I. This life doesn'tmatter so do what we say even if its stupid.

@spiritsplice @bonkersbsd See the difference between you and me and maybe Linder and me (maybe though he is rarely clear) I see bonkers as a totally legit white person that is a little bit confused. He's going after Christianity because seems to be protecting what he thinks is good in society. And its an accepted form of white collectivism.

It doesn't make him a bad person or a stupid person or whatever.

@Someguy it makes him a moron you is ignoring pattern recognition. unless he doesn't know anything at all about jews or history or how christianity ended up in europe or what it did to our people, then he has no excuse to be doing kike shit and pretending it is White. EST except for all the kikes in the bible? Fucking no. EST. Christians are more dishonest than jews, because jews don't actually claim to believe what they say. they know they are lying.


@spiritsplice @bonkersbsd right but like I was a communist as well for 20 years. Does this make me also stupid? I am not stupid.

@Someguy did you outright lie when people told you the truth about it? that would be acting in a stupid way.


@spiritsplice @bonkersbsd for me I was more resistant to "racism" I never learned about conservatism as a kid. I didn't even understand it. Once I understood it it was already clear leftism was bad


@Someguy and notice how christians argue just like leftists.

the other side is "ignorant" and "doesn't have the authority to interpret it" "go read a book"

it's the same gay mentality that dismisses the real world in favor of some story they were told. nobody has any real world exp that validates this nonsense.


@spiritsplice @bonkersbsd right but it gets back to my original point which is there is no snappy rhetoric to make this point. And it hasn't happened yet because to many of the influencers like vox day or anglin or striker are all pro Christian.

@spiritsplice @Someguy @bonkersbsd Right Wing / Left Wing / Christianity / Neo Liberalism / Feminism

All support the same stuff

* International Liberalism
* Egalitarianism
* Statism
* State Forced Wealth Redistribution
* Anti Self Defense
* Removing Authority from Males,Fathers,Community,Family
* Fake Currency based on DEBT & USURY
* Mass Murder via Abortion
* Pussy pass
* Multi Racialism
* Denial of differences of groups
* Censorship, Suppression of knowledge,history

@charliebrownau conservatism isn't RW. There is no RW representation in government. All RW people are underground and anon.

@Someguy @bonkersbsd

@MK2boogaloo @bonkersbsd @spiritsplice this isn't even an argument. And you are accusing us of being edgy

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