the weird thing is how much people love vigilante movies and yet when it comes to real life they cringe in horror that someone would do the right thing without the permission of the state.

it is the worship of law and authority that comes from christianity. even atheists see the world in this way.

>"comes from christianity."
>"even atheists see the world in this way"
Can't you see your contradiction?
You've been indoctrinated to hate on Christianity.
No, it doesn't come from Christianity, it comes from the Roman Empire, which predates Christianity.

@mystik the roman empire didn't inject that idea into the European mind, the church did. it is ten commandment worship turned into secular law worship.

@mystik it wasn't romans who brought christianity to scandinavia or america. it was christians acting on behalf of kikes.

>"on behalf of kikes"
>offers no evidence
>ignores the fact that jews curse Christianity three times a day and write in their unholy books how Jesus is eternally boiling in a pot of human excrement, that much they hate the Christ

Buy a brain online.

@mystik good job ignoring everything I said to focus on one point. you're a spiritual jew.

@spiritsplice >none of these things are true

#2, #3, #6, #7 are true

So much for that


@spiritsplice They attack Christianity as the religion of white nationalism all the time, cope, and treat the Cross as a hate symbol whenever it gets invoked to condemn homosexuality or abortion.

#2 and #3 are objectively true. Do you concede this, or do you prefer to instead concede that your opinion is totally divorced from reality?


@NEETzsche no, they attack White people who pretend to be christians. When was the last time they attacked the amish? or any of the woke churches? you're lying.

"whenever it gets invoked to condemn homosexuality or abortion."

As opposed to any pagan symbol which is attacked simpy for being White and existing. They are defending fags, not attacking the cross. Tucker was literally shilling for exorcisms recently. MSM promoting Christianity is not jews hating it.


@spiritsplice Okay so you’re choosing for your opinion to get written off as fundamentally detached from reality. Are you sure? This cannot be undone.


@NEETzsche does this kike shit actually work on anybody? self congratulation is the sign of a feeble intellect.


@mystik I guess this is what you have to resort to when you can't argue facts. Face it kid, you're running on empty.


@spiritsplice Why are you using a different account though? Were you banned from your own server? lol

@spiritsplice β€œy-you aren’t arguing the facts!!” *posts personal attack with no argument*

The Jew really does cry out in pain as he strikes you


@spiritsplice We already argued the facts. You rejected them. Now we’re just memeing on you because it’s funny.


@NEETzsche no you lied and claimed your lies were facts. you should work for the media.

@spiritsplice Okay so made a claim. That claim ended up being false. You were given an opportunity to back down from it. Instead, you doubled down. Opinion discarded.

Many such cases.


@NEETzsche do you suck your own dick? because you sure are doing it in this post. I have watched you do this gay shit with others. It is pretty pathetic.


@mystik this post is all jewish distraction. facts aren't contingent on what the challenger believers. if you claim 2+2=5 you are wrong. I can tell you are wrong and I don't have to provide you with the answer. To even suggest such faggotry is intellectually dishonest. This post is a cope, which is pretty much all you faith fags have.


woke churches are the real Christians, and the anti-homo churches are the fake ones?

Bold strategy.

@Xenophon jesus said nothing about fags. he did say to be a pacifist, love your enemies, and to not resist evil people. Sucks to be you christ fag.

then again, he was a dude who only hung around with 12 other men and was always talking about love. yeah, totally straight right?

@NEETzsche @mystik

@spiritsplice Go watch a Marvel movie or something. The adults are talking.

@Xenophon @mystik

@spiritsplice @NEETzsche @Xenophon The Church is and will be infiltrated, Jesus warned about this.
Thanks for confirming that the book of Revelations is legit.
LOl i think i got reported for ambushing these cunts with tranny gash pics 😩
@Humpleupagus @NEETzsche @Xenophon @n3f_X @spiritsplice Don't call him, I don't want to see his collection of tranny surgery pictures ever again. Please. Don't.

It’s pretty fucked up to ambush people with pictures like that.

I mean, I can’t always pull my dick out everytime I’m on fedi…

@Humpleupagus @NEETzsche @Xenophon @spiritsplice Muting is OK imo, I've muted people in the past, just make sure of making it temporary. Once multi-thread senseless arguments are over I generally unmute the user.
@spiritsplice @Xenophon @NEETzsche He never said anything about artificial intelligence either, so what? Are you questioning Jesus for not writing books for you to criticize? weak argument.

@mystik So you are telling me jesus came here and didn't bother to mention some vitally important stuff? lol, you guys are so fucking dumb.

Lol, Jesus did say fags go to hell in the book of Revelations:

>"But outside are dogs (i.e. "fags") and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie."

See? You're going down with them. Repent, liar.

Be you. Say people dont think Jesus never existed/wasn’t God Literally claim Jesus never existed/wasn’t God. Call other people kike from your office in Tel Aviv.

You are such an idiot. The Bible says none of the bullshit you just claimed. Faggotry is punishable by death, Jesus wasn’t a pacifist, he will literally slay all His enemies when He returns, β€œyour enemy” means something specific which you will never understand, and yes, we are supposed to stay away from unwashed masses, shun globalism and multiculturalism. Jesus was based.

@Xenophon as usual, you're a lying cocksucker.

I didn't say jesus was a pacifist. I said he told YOU to be a pacifist. Do you have shit reading comprehension or is your inner kike out of control and you just have to lie?

"jesus was based"

He literally says to hate your family and reject the world. That isn't based, that is what jews would want Whites to do so they could take over, which they did and it is your fault.

Again, you are retarded and have no idea what you are reading. You don’t understand context, or allegory. you cherry pick a few verses then ignore everything else. You act as if β€œGod said this” while simultaneously ignoring the fact scripture can’t contradict, which makes your interpretations wrong.

In short, you are a pagan faggot, and your worthless pagan ancestors were put to the sword by Christians. If you exist, it’s only because they converted like bitches, or because your ancestors were shitheel faggot pussies who couldn’t fight and die on the field, so your blood line is pathetic and weak, and you should neck yourself.

@Xenophon @spiritsplice no this is moronic because anyone anywhere can be a Christian. There are no "Christian anscestors" and the fact that it won out makes it good is like arguing well pretty much anything that's going on right now is winning out (like I dunno mass nigger in the west) is superior. It's not. And there's going to be a reckoning because of it

Of course there is Christian ancestry. Adam and all of his descendants are a family. People outside of that bloodline are not Gods people, are not Christians. Your dog cant be a Christian.

@Xenophon @spiritsplice ok sure but I guess that means all niggers all spics etc are also God's children. They sure don't seem to be of the same caliber wouldn't you agree? If you are white wouldn't you rather your neighbors be white atheists or pagans than negro Christians? There are plenty of Christian ethnic states south of the border that white Christians are not interested in in the slightest.

I live in this world, so i would rather live by Whites because it is safer and I share a common lineage with them. Im not an idiot.

@Xenophon @Someguy @spiritsplice
>People outside of that bloodline are not Gods people
But that's everyone

@Eris @Xenophon @spiritsplice yeah you stole my point but yeah exactly. We weren't talking about dogs

@Eris @Xenophon @spiritsplice right I figured that. Because otherwise it's a ridiculous point that most other Christians avoid.

@Eris @Xenophon @spiritsplice In a way Christian Identity makes sense because this point that jews made this thing, we all either fell for it or were killed by people who fell for it, is a pretty solid one.

The counter is well white people made it. It ignores history but Christianity already ignores facts and logic so why not?

It depends on your perspective. For some it's even worse because they refuse to give up on something they essentially know is defunct but it can be less insane.

@Someguy @Xenophon @spiritsplice
>The counter is well white people made it.
The counter is that God made it.

@Eris @Xenophon @spiritsplice but it was all documented by that one Saul dude many years after the "fact". Most sane people would say it was made by man.

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