the weird thing is how much people love vigilante movies and yet when it comes to real life they cringe in horror that someone would do the right thing without the permission of the state.

it is the worship of law and authority that comes from christianity. even atheists see the world in this way.

>"comes from christianity."
>"even atheists see the world in this way"
Can't you see your contradiction?
You've been indoctrinated to hate on Christianity.
No, it doesn't come from Christianity, it comes from the Roman Empire, which predates Christianity.

@mystik there is no contradiction. secularism is mostly christian moral assumptions pinned on the state instead of the church.

No, I started as a christian. I grew to hate it by studying it to defend it and seeing kike lovers like you constant lie at every turn when I would bring up things that troubled me.

>"kike lovers like you"
Pharisees (kikes) killed Jesus. Try harder, faggot.

@mystik jesus is also a kike. who cares about jew on jew violence?

nobody killed jesus. he never existed. the NT is entirely fiction.

You guys don't have the balls to hate jews without some divine permission to do so. you're pathetic.

@spiritsplice That, right there, is a kike lie. You've been fooled so bad that you're making a fool of yourself online now. Sad.

Jesus is asyrian galilean. Countries apart from Israel. By your logic Hezbollah are "kikes" too. Retarded.

@mystik no, the bible is a kike lie. jesus and pilate say he is a jew. the wisemen said he was a jew. it is in every bible that exists. nobody ever pretended he wasn't a jew until identity was invented in the 18th century as a cope.

jesus is a fictional character in jewish midrash.

That's a pharisee, moron.
You keep conflating pharisee with Jesus (an asyrian galilean, enemy of the pharisees), because they hijacked the word "jew" for themselves (by killing their opponents and being ultimately cast away from their land for their uncountable crimes).

You're not fooling anyone here, we already know.

You will pay when the time comes.

@mystik every jew in israel today looks like that. this doesn't help your cope. they are semites. nobody highjacked the word jew. give me a break. the only fake jews are you clowns who pretend to be israelites. you are definitely a teenager.

>"every jew in israel today looks like that"

You're a big nosed lying faggot.

>"you clowns who pretend to be israelites"

Double citizen spotted! Oopsie!

@mystik as usual you kike lovers have to lie about everything because you are too afraid of death and not having answers to live without a jewish promise of heaven.

>"you kike lovers"
>says the (((double citizen)))
>to christians who want the death of Israhell

You're a joke, man. Go back to Tel Aviv.

@mystik kid, you are so intellectually bankrupt you have to start inventing shit to say. you're a scared little faggot



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