@Humpleupagus 1 no he didnt. that is historically implausible fiction.

2 even if he had, he didnt say to emulate his behavior, he said to obey his commands and be a pacifist. he said leave vengeance to god.


@Humpleupagus that article is typical kike jewing of cherry picked texts.

@Humpleupagus no, because he never said to emulate him. your article expectedly ignores this. it lies in typical kike fashion.

@Humpleupagus and he also railed against the christ cult as being poison for Whites

@spiritsplice And just for the record, I'm more of a Heideggerian phenomenologist, so I'm not here to defend christiandom out of a religious conviction per se. I just think the idea that Jesus was a pacifist is a bit oversimplified. I think even he understood that violence was necessary, but that application must be proper.

@Humpleupagus jesus didnt exist. the nt is fiction. his message is always pacifism.

you cant reconcile him saying to love your enemies and not resist evil people with any passage that claims he supported violence. the sword passage in luke is an obvious later interpolation and contradicts him telling peter to put his sword away (he who lives by the sword dies by the sword).

@spiritsplice Jesus does exist. We're talking about him. Who or what he is or was or what he said or did or didn't do is in question. Existence is not in issue.

Unicorns exist too BTW
@spiritsplice Imagine claiming that Christianity is not Aryan, but not understanding Heidegger, who was Nazi Germany's top philosopher. πŸ™„

@Humpleupagus Heidegger has nothing to do with the origins of the kike cult. it is indisputably jewish in every way. positive Christianity was invented because Christianity is jewish, gay and passive.

@Humpleupagus Talking about something doesn't give it reality in the past. there was no person jesus as described in the gospels who did those things. there is no son of god, no resurrection, no miracles. we are talking about history.

@spiritsplice The past? Someone doesn't understand the preeminent Aryan philosopher, Heidegger. Historical realism is a Jewish doctrine. Stop being so Jewish.

@Humpleupagus IDGAF about philosophers. I also dont understand why you on his dick, as if he were the last word on anything.

Things either happened in history or they didnt. That isnt jewish doctrine. If the gospels did not haplen, if jesus wasnt a real person, the whole system is bogus and a con. Starting to wonder whose side you are on here.

@spiritsplice You're espousing a materialist doctrine. The Aryans are not philosophical materialists. They're phenomenologists and always have been. See Heidegger. Materialism originated from practitioners of Kabbalah. Very Jewish.
@spiritsplice An example of phenomenology:

The wall across the room from you is immediately present to you as "being across the room." That experience is not itself at a distance. It's immediately present to in experience. Thus, some part of you is being the wall across the room.
@Humpleupagus @spiritsplice …does that mean im part pride month…no matter what i do…

@Humpleupagus thats how asians think. it is all over the japanese language. Aryans have never thought like that. Our languages are egocentric, not phenomena centric.

@Humpleupagus OUR center as Aryans is Us, the perceiver, the ego having the experience.

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@Humpleupagus whether X happened or not is a historical question and has nothing to do with materialism. If the questuon is asked, "did your wife fuck a nigger yesterday" you arent going to start pontificating about phenomenology and claim that anyone who wants to know if she did or not is acting jewish.

@spiritsplice @Humpleupagus

Henceforth there was only β€˜profane’ philosophy and β€˜profane’ science, in other words, the negation of true intellectuality, the limitation of knowledge to its lowest order, namely, the empirical and analytical study of facts divorced from principles, a dispersion in an indefulite multitude of insignificant details, and the accumulation of unfounded and mutually destructive hypotheses and of fragmentary views leading to nothing other than those practical applications that constitute the sole real superiority of modern civilization -a scarcely enviable superiority, moreover, which, by stifling every other preoccupation, has given the present civilization the purely material character that makes of it a veritable monstrosity.

… the β€˜superstition of facts’, is therefore in complete accord with specifically modern tendencies, whereas earlier ages could not find sufficient interest in them to pursue them to the extent of neglecting, for their sake, knowledge of a higher order. It must be clearly understood that we are not saying that any kind of knowledge can be deemed illegitimate, even though it be inferior; what is illegitimate is only the abuse that arises when things of this kind absorb the whole of human activity, as we see them doing at present.

Guenon, Rene. Crisis of the Modern World

If you want to argue The Divinity of Jesus, ok.. Son of God or just a man. But to say the person Jesus never existed is just ignorant.
@spiritsplice @Humpleupagus perhaps he was speaking of the soldiers ? But I have a question for you - have you ever delved into this quarter and if so what do you think of such interpretations ? https://www.bitchute.com/video/DbMqZFzU3P6U/

@Weatherall christian identity is a retarded cope invented in the 18th century by a guy who ended up in an asylum.


@Weatherall "christ reich" lol

The NSDAP was overtly pagan. those people are retarded. Basically they learned about jews but dont have the guts to live without jewish ideology and promises of heaven. they cant see the world without a jewish cosmology, so they invented a cope where "we wuz jews" so they can keep all that kike shit while still saying jews are the enemy. its really pathetic and dishonest.


@spiritsplice @Humpleupagus well , the dude who wrote that book ChristReich , comes from another earlier iteration website https://christogenea.org/ which is a huge repository of stuff that , to my mind , doesn’t lend itself to being dismissed flippantly and certainly doesn’t see to be the work of β€œretarded” people… if you go to that site and click on the β€œexactly why Christ is not a jew” link at the top , it takes you to an entry that begins with this :

What if Jesus were descended from the Israelite tribe of Judah, as the Scripture says that He is? Well, of course He is, because the Scriptures do not lie. But what if the people known as Jews today were NOT of the tribe of Judah? Nor even of Benjamin or Levi? Then how could Jesus possibly be a Jew? The answer is easy, Jesus is not a Jew because the people known as Jews today are not of Judah. The Bible itself tells us this.

For this reason Jesus Himself told the church at Smyrna, in Revelation 2:9: β€œI know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

Just in case that is not understood, Jesus also said to the church at Philadelphia, in Revelation 3:9: β€œBehold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

So according to Jesus Himself, the people calling themselves Jews at this time are not β€œreal” Jews, meaning that they are not actually of the tribe of Judah. But how can that be? First, we will see that Paul of Tarsus agrees with Jesus, and the events which Luke recorded in Acts chapter 26 had actually transpired about 35 years before John recorded the Revelation.

and it goes on as it’s lengthy entry…

… β€œwe wuz jewz” …lol , Though funny and bold and all that , I think there is more here than just β€œgutless” cope bro… no ? maybe spend some time checking it out before out-of-hand dismissal … ? There is a ton of stuff there and it seems to me there is more to it than you want to allow …

@Weatherall thats just retarded. Israel = jews. It isnt out of hand dismissal. I was CI for years. That they have spent years coming up with elaborate bullshit to justify their cope is hardly surprising. Too bad their own book refutes all of their claims amd requires people to accept nonsense we know isnt historically accurate. Whites originated in the North and moved South, not the other way around as these clowns claim.


@Weatherall pure cope. the bible calls jesus a jew repeatedly. he says he is a jew. it isnt even contestable. if jesus wasnt a jew, the pharisees would have used that a proof he couldn't be the messiah. pilate literally says "your own nation has turned you over to me". and we know that was jews.


@Weatherall jews being mad at "king of the jews" as a title only makes sense if he was a jew. were he not they would have said so in their objection.


@spiritsplice @Humpleupagus and since we are here I will throw this out there with the caveat that I am just a seeker after Truth and do not necessarily subscribe to his antagonism toward NDSAP/AltRight/Huwite Nationalism/insert other terms here...:

@Humpleupagus @spiritsplice and by the way , I highly doubt William Fink (christogenea) or Drake Shelton (Southern Protestant) would support each others work... I just find them both to have some things to say that warrant consideration ... at least for my intellect.

@Weatherall both have an interest in justifying their following of jewish cosmology. We werent christian to start with. Christian values are not Aryan values. Russell has a whole book this. They are terrified of death and cant live without the jewish promise of eternal life. Simple as that.


@Weatherall yes. its more cherry picking from sources not named jesus. they always do this.


@ApocalyptoLatte1488 it's funny that you have 1488 in your name yet david lane was a pagan who rejected the christ cult


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