@Humpleupagus 1 no he didnt. that is historically implausible fiction.

2 even if he had, he didnt say to emulate his behavior, he said to obey his commands and be a pacifist. he said leave vengeance to god.

@Humpleupagus that article is typical kike jewing of cherry picked texts.

@Humpleupagus no, because he never said to emulate him. your article expectedly ignores this. it lies in typical kike fashion.

@Humpleupagus and he also railed against the christ cult as being poison for Whites

@spiritsplice And just for the record, I'm more of a Heideggerian phenomenologist, so I'm not here to defend christiandom out of a religious conviction per se. I just think the idea that Jesus was a pacifist is a bit oversimplified. I think even he understood that violence was necessary, but that application must be proper.

@Humpleupagus jesus didnt exist. the nt is fiction. his message is always pacifism.

you cant reconcile him saying to love your enemies and not resist evil people with any passage that claims he supported violence. the sword passage in luke is an obvious later interpolation and contradicts him telling peter to put his sword away (he who lives by the sword dies by the sword).

@spiritsplice @Humpleupagus perhaps he was speaking of the soldiers ? But I have a question for you - have you ever delved into this quarter and if so what do you think of such interpretations ? https://www.bitchute.com/video/DbMqZFzU3P6U/

@Weatherall jews being mad at "king of the jews" as a title only makes sense if he was a jew. were he not they would have said so in their objection.


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