The simplest way to understand politics is this:

Right Wing = Tradition, correspondence to reality, self sufficiency, productivity, social cohesion, eugenics, ancestors, cyclical view of history, pragmatism, strength, elitism, excellence

Left Wing = novelty for its own sake, parasitism, mutants, freakshows, atomism, deracination, anomie, dysgenics, dishonest, utopianism, linear view of history, weakness, flattening of standards, entitlement

@spiritsplice simply put; “Style” over substance every time

When we're talking about traditions, some are just mindlessly repeated for the sake of familiarity. Like everything else, they should be open to being re-evaluated from time to time. EXAMPLE: sacrificing virgins to appease the Gods

@bigbrother1066 I agree thay many traditions are either pointless, retarded, or the purpose/meaning has been lost. We are in the Kali yuga after all.

Good news is the nova erases everything.

Bad news is the nova erases everything.

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