Bullying is a pressure cooker. Losers arent supposed to make it through.

Crying about war crimes is basically crying about democrats being the real racists. It doesn't work and you just look like an idiot doing so.

@wasootch anyone dumb enough to go deserves to die.

no such thing as war crimes. bogus concept.

most americans are already traitors as they support most things that are in opposition to the founding principles

@Onionkink "one person with two natures"

has to be one of the dumbest statements ever uttered.

@Onionkink this is like some nerd getting super strict on the original powers of a marvel super hero.

the fact is that Christianity is a scam, jesus never existed, the NT is fiction, and there were tons of versions of the christ cult before the RCC unified into one view with violence.

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