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You have to be one hell of a shitty person to have a crippled/retarded baby once you know about the problem. You're selfish and an awful person.

The "fundamental human rights" paradigm is retarded and what led us to being conquered as a people. Libertarians work as useful idiots to promote what amounts to communism (secular christianity).

It's funny to see feminists on spinster pretend to care about children with the pedo thing after systemically destroying the family for the last century.


Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers - Virtue signalling on social media

Christfag women have always been the worst virtue signalers.

Me: Kike worship is cringe

Christfag: hurr fedora

History class is taught by government schools, moron.

Wonder what they teach about themselves?

Libertarians want permission to be free. They dont want to pay for it. This is why they try to convince people that freedom is owed to them simply because they exist. They are just leftists asking for entitlements.

Once in the White House, Dump contemptuously ignored the Flyova Whites who put him there, but yearned for the approval of the kikes, coons & queers who hate his guts and ultimately out the skids under him.

The lesson: stupid Whites must cease being satisfied with empty words from Repuglicuck shyster assholes.

Ask a normie if they can identify a single situation where "diversity" translated to more White people (or even men). They won't be able to because it's never happened. Curious.

The list of ones who aren’t, is MUCH shorter than those who are…

@johntrain We got a letter home from my 5th grader's teacher last week. She was informing us that my son's belligerent behavior in telling another 5th grader that Santa wasn't real would not be tolerated. At a private Christian school...

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