"The thing you have to understand about women is that they are literally dumber than geese or any other type of bird or even fish."

su > frog

(counterevidence tho)

@Alex_Linder what you just say?! oh, it's on now, up in this pieville sausagefest 😡

@su i said you were smarter than a frog. i can retract that if necessary.

@Alex_Linder you also said that there's evidence to counter that fact! just sitting reading stuff, minding my own business and all of a sudden I'm dumber than a dang toad😡

@su you misread. that's to the quoted material. we have apparentl evidence at least one woman is smarter than a frog.




that frog


oh! Well, maybe I just proved that I'm dumber than a frog.
No, he's real!
I'm tired now.
And embarrassed. Umm sorry... 😀

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