1 store, 2 encounters with niggers

i'm in thrift store, nig walks in all in orange, i kid you not. it honestly looked like orange nike workout prison gear.

"i just got out of the jail, have you got a phone i can call for a ride."

later...same store. loud french-talking i guess congolese, built more like one of the spanish island niggers yapping a way at high decibels. later moves to front counter, and they were still talking about what kind of scam he was trying to run when i got there.


@Alex_Linder I had two behind me at the grocery the other day, black as coal, man and woman, foreign accents. I turned around and they were looking at me with half grins like I was a bug or something. Thank goodness they went to another lane when it opened up. Like they've never seen blonde hair before.

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