I dont know why I had to buy dog food at Walmart at the "1st of the month", I would've made a sailor blush while trying to park and inside, old ladies kept trying to hit me with their carts. I hate shopping, brings out the worst in me, zero patience

@su Fuckin' Walmart...a little of everything; never the thing you want...I made my own trudge today; I wanted a bag of their house brand BBQ corn chips (which are only a zogbuck, and are far better than Fritos): no dice. The other day I wanted a gooseneck lamp, or a lamp socket extension cord: jack sheeit...😡


@NBForrest they remodeled ours, now it's worse than ever. Every other person I saw was like "good luck finding anything!" Holy smokes, it's really bad, it's self-inflicted torture. I will pay a dollar more and go to Kroger for dog food next time and keep my demon side safely tucked in

@su Those cocksuckers are NOTORIOUS for that: every time I go I have to walk an extra mile (almost literally) in that jumbo jet hangar to find what I want...

They do it to make sure that their vict-er, customers- have to scan all their chink sheeit they didn't come for.

The Walton clan is super-rich And still scum.

@NBForrest it just insane and it's just gonna get worse until February, probably. After everyone returns their Xmas presents

@su And those cheap-ass bastids with their 15 checkouts but only1 or 2 cashiers...😡

@NBForrest you know what though, I actually prefer to check myself out at these places because a lot of the time, it saves you from having to interact with a rude cashier that's had a bad day or life or whatever. People are absolutely nuts half the time and will just use you as a captive audience!

@su True. I too usually use the self checkout to avoid standing in line (or a longer one: most times you have to wait even for that). The only exception is a pretty cashier.

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