I dont know why I had to buy dog food at Walmart at the "1st of the month", I would've made a sailor blush while trying to park and inside, old ladies kept trying to hit me with their carts. I hate shopping, brings out the worst in me, zero patience

@su As for the support hose mamas, a desscated jewfaced hag cut in front of me in line; if there'd been an oven handy, it'd be a Good Kike now.

@NBForrest we have zero of them here yet a gigantic 4' section full of their food, something ain't right about that. The English and German is one small shelf...

@su We have very few here, but 1 is 10 too many.

@NBForrest I bought Swiss "Maggi" seasoning, I remember it as a child. But it's made in China and it's halal certified, now. We just can't have anything nice anymore

@su To obtain the Aryan seal of approval, our scientist rebbes must ascertain that every item contains pork in some form.


@NBForrest there's nothing better than pork fat lol

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